GEN Bdd rates his performance: "The game got longer because of my mistake so I’ll drop my rating to 1.5 today."


On July 12th (KST), Gen.G swept Hanwha Life Esports in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong had a great performance with Twisted Fate and Zoe. He was voted as Player of the Game for both games and was interviewed by the casters’ desk after the match.



Congrats on today’s win. How do you feel?


Today’s match was alright, but it got long in game 2 because of a mistake I made in top lane. Except for that, it was mostly satisfying.

You picked Twisted Fate in game 1. It seems that most strong teams pick Twisted Fate if he isn’t banned.


Even if the opponent is a strong champion in mid lane, Twisted Fate has his turns. I think that’s why he’s used. I’m also very confident on Twisted Fate, so if he’s open, I pick him.

Do you have a good counter prepared for Twisted Fate?


Traditionally, if the opponent is Twisted Fate, you have to kill him. I think I would play a champion with very strong AP or an AD champion.


CloudTemplar: Like Zed?


Umm, Yes! [Laughs]

Hanwha Life Esports substituted in Mireu in game 2. How was it facing a rookie?


I didn’t feel too much pressure. I did think that if I were Mireu, I would be nervous, so I tried to use that and play strongly.

There were several interesting moments in game 2. Gen.G had three Smites at Baron. Didn’t you think you would be able to steal it?


I don’t remember clearly, but I think none of us were able to use Smite. [Laughs] Zoe’s W skill is a spell ability so I pressed W. That’s a bit regretful.

Did Rascal lead the last teamfight where Kennen led the team?


They were a composition where they needed to come in so we said that we should fight while pulling back. In that situation, Rascal engaged well.

Some people say that if movie critics give 5 out of 10, it’s an amazing movie. How would you rate yourself today? Last time you gave yourself 2 out of 10.


We would have been able to have a clean win in game 2, but I overextended at top. The game got longer because of my mistake so I’ll drop my rating to 1.5 today. [Laughs]

The last match in round 1 is against Afreeca Freecs. Fly had asked you a favor in a previous interview. Would you like to answer him?


We also have a long way to go, so I’ll play hard and get through.

Last comments to the fans?


We’ll continue to show improved performances. Keep cheering for us!

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