AF Kiin: "In the current meta, picking top champions blind is very disadvantageous."


On the 11th (KST), Afreeca Freecs took down SeolHaeOne Prince with a set score of 2-0 in the 2020 LCK Summer split. The top laner for AF, Kiin, showed a clean victory over his lane opponent on Gnar in game 1. However, Kiin seemingly struggled in game 2, as he was solo killed by Ikksu in game 2.


Kiin joined Inven for an exclusive one on one interview to talk about the match.

Congrats on the 2-0 victory. How do you feel?


It’s a 2-0 victory that contributed greatly to our place in the standings, so I’m very happy.

After the match with DAMWON Gaming, what kind of feedback did you receive?


Apart from the feedback regarding the macro, we received individual feedback regarding our micro.

SP is a team that plays a lot of unique champions. What was the focal point in preparation against SP?


Since Ikksu plays a lot of unorthodox champions, I focused on playing against them.

Since Ikksu plays a lot of Illaoi, did you prepare specifically against playing against Illaoi?


Illaoi isn’t a champion that a lot of people play, so even during scrims, I don’t get to practice against it. That’s why when I face Illaoi in matches, I’m not very used to playing against the champion, so there’s a bit of burden on my shoulders.

In Spirit’s press room interview, he said, “If Kiin gets solo killed, the other four players play better”, because the tension goes up. Do you think this is true?

When players that are doing well make mistakes, the game tends to spiral out of control. I think that’s what he meant. Good players need to continue to do well, but since I didn’t play well today, the other players need to do more of the heavy lifting. 

So does that make you feel more pressured to perform? Isn’t it hard to maintain a level of performance that lives up to people’s expectations?


If I feel that I’m underperforming, then there’s definitely more pressure. A lot more thoughts pop up in my head as well. In those times, while I do work extra harder to perform better, the pressure that comes is inevitable.

Afreeca still has a long way to go, as the team’s still in the middle of the standings. What do you think the team needs for success in the Summer split?


We fell through hard in round 2 of the Spring split, so we need to trust each other in order to not make the same mistakes in round 2 of the Summer split.

Your next opponents are Gen.G. The top laner for Gen.G, Rascal, is also a very aggressive player, so how do you think the match up will go? What’s the focal point that will decide the winner?


Rascal may be very good, but in the current meta, picking the top lane champion first is very disadvantageous. Pick order and champion matchup will be the deciding factors in victory.

Fly sent a message to Bdd in the broadcast interview to go easy on him. Can you send a message to Rascal as well?


Gen.G’s a really good team, so… Please go easy on me.

Lastly, a word to your fans.


The last match of round 1 is against Gen.G. We’ll make sure to take the victory and continue on the momentum in round 2 as well.

Also, to your teammates as well.


I think they’re doing quite well. Please continue to work hard.

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