Gen.G Life: "I think I'm a tier 2-3 support player... I haven't beaten all the teams yet."


On July 10, Gen.G faced off against Team Dynamics in the 2020 LCK Summer split. It was a clean victory for Gen.G, as they finished the series 2-0 against DYN. It was a series that showed not only the veteran status of Gen.G, but an upgrade to the pace of the games as well, as early solo kills by Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong in game 1 and early skirmish victories by Gen.G snowballed the games fast.


The support player for Gen.G, Kim "Life" Jeong-min, joined the press room at LoL Park, Seoul, for a post-match interview.



How does it feel to take the victory today?


I’m happy to beat my former teammates, Kuzan and Rich, in a clean 2-0 victory [laughter].

Although many predicted Gen.G’s victory, not many people expected a 2-0. Did you expect the series to be such a clean victory?


We told ourselves that as long as we just move on from our last match loss and play as we always do, we’d definitely win.

Team Dynamics banned out three marksman champions. How did the team react to it?


We somewhat expected them to target ban Ruler, but he has a very wide champion pool, so we weren’t too worried.

What did the team think the reason was behind the 0-2 loss against T1 last match?


We tried to forcefully make plays, so that’s why we lost. We came to the conclusion that as long as we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot, we’ll have no problems beating them next time.

In the LCK, Leona is considered to be a terrible pick because of her poor win rate. Despite this, why did you play her in the entirety of the series?


We felt that she was a good pick because of her performance in the LPL. After personally asking players on the LPL about Leona and practicing her on my own, I thought it was a good pick.

In the current meta, a lot of pressure is on the shoulders of support players to make plays, so how do you rate yourself as a player?


I think I’m a tier 2-3 support player. The reason why I’m not tier 1 is… Because I haven’t beaten all the teams yet.

DAMWON Gaming is performing super well in recent times. What are your thoughts on DWG?


I think they’re an incredibly good team. It won’t be easy to beat them in our rematch in round 2.

Among all the positions, the support role is the only position that has different players start for the team.


Although I’m not completely happy with it, as long as it’s all for the team’s growth, I can deal with it. It’s up to the coaching staff to make those choices.

Your next opponents are Hanwha Life Esports. Can you share some words of resolution?


No matter who my opponents are, I’ll make sure to not get cold feet and minimize my mistakes. Also, I heard a story about how CuVee is doing nothing and frolicking around, so I hope he gets to work (laughter).

Lastly, is there anything you want to say?


I’m excited to play against CuVee and Haru.

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