Epic Seven’s cooperative PvE feature “Expedition” now available!

The following is a press release shared with Inven Global.


Epic Seven, a turn-based mobile RPG developed by Super Creative and published by Smilegate Megaport, announced the release of the real-time cooperative PvE mode Expedition on July 10.


In Expedition, players can join forces with their friends and fellow guild members to challenge powerful boss monsters. Damage dealt is displayed in real-time, making this feature a fun new option for Heirs looking to enjoy some friendly competition.


By using Wanted Posters obtained from Hunt, players can form an Expedition team with up to six other people and take on some tough new enemies. Players who join these battles will receive rewards and boss points for their participation, with additional rewards according to the results of the Expedition and even more that can be claimed from the Expedition Depot based on the total number of boss points theyve earned.

Smilegate Megaport has also released a brand new, summer-themed Side Story for players to enjoy. The new story, Seaside Showdown, is available starting on July 23 and centers on the members of the Phantom CIC, who have been invited by Karin to enjoy their summer vacation at Reingar Resort.

Area 5 of the Labyrinth Nixieds Sanctum, Frostproof Valley, is now available as well, with six pieces of Level 78 Equipment that can be obtained by exploring this new area.

Finally, the first season of the real-time PvP mode World Arena, also known as the Showdown Season, has come to an end. With pre-season returning, players will have the opportunity to reshape their teams and tactics in preparation for the next season. After a fierce battling season, Tenebrias epic skin Dark Tyrant, Rep Hero frames, background packs, and more will be rewarded to Heirs according to their league positions at the end of the season.


Smilegate Megaports Business Department Manager Sanghoon Lee commented: 


We hope that the new cooperative mode will help motivate players looking for growth opportunities. Moving forward, we plan to devote more effort to the development of fun new game content that players can enjoy with one another.

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