[LCK Today] Sweep, sweep, sweep! T1 and DWG sweep SP and AF, DWG to the top of the standings


On the 9th (KST), T1 played SeolHaeOne Prince and DAMWON Gaming faced Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. It was a swift sweep for both T1 and DAMWON Gaming as they both had quick victories over their counterparts.



SeolHaeOne Prince picked Ashe and Xyra in their bot lane in the first game against T1 to take a strong laning phase. However, their plan was only valid until the second dragon. On the other hand, T1 was able to snowball well from their benefits on the top side. Kim “Canna” Chang-dong’s Wukong played well throughout the game, especially shining in the teamfights and led the team’s victory. It was a quick win in just over 31 minutes.


A surprise ban came from SeolHaeOne Prince’s side in game 2 as they banned Nunu & Willump, most likely due to Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan’s solo queue record. SeolHaeOne Prince focused on penetrating through mid lane in this game, but Faker’s Lissandra endured the attacks well. This earned time for Cuzz’s Olaf to scale. After securing Baron, T1 dove on the bot inhibitor and proceeded to end the game.


In the first game of DAMWON Gaming vs Afreeca Freecs, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon and Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu shined brightly. Although the bot lane priority went over to Afreeca Freecs, DAMWON Gaming resolved the situation by countering Afreeca Freecs’ mid gank. It was Nuguri’s Camille that appeared out of nowhere to overcome the pinch. Afterward, it was “Grand Canyon” that appeared and swept the Rift. Canyon’s Lee Sin scaled so well that he was well ahead of all of his opponents. There was nothing Afreeca Freecs was able to do when DAMWON Gaming opened a fight in front of the twin towers.


Malzahar appeared in game 2 for Afreeca Freecs, but it wasn’t able to make much difference. It was as if Canyon’s Nidalee had a magnet attached to her spear. It didn’t even take 23 minutes for DAMWON Gaming to end the game with a 15K global gold difference. It was the shortest LCK game of this season.


▲ "Grand" Canyon



2020 LCK Summer Split July 9th Results


T1 2 : 0 SeolHaeOne Prince

DAMWON Gaming 2 : 0 Afreeca Freecs

2020 LCK Summer Split Standings


1st DAMWON Gaming 6-1 (+11)

2nd DragonX 6-1 (+8)

3rd T1 5-2 (+5)

4th Gen.G 4-2 (+3)

5th Afreeca Freecs 4-3 (+2)

6th Team Dynamics 3-3 (+1)

7th kt Rolster 3-4 (-2)

8th SANDBOX Gaming 2-5 (-6)

9th SeolHaeOne Prince 1-6 (-10)

10th Hanwha Life Esports 0-7 (-12)

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