SB OnFleek: "While Smeb did play quite well today as support, we have GorillA, so I think he'll clap him."

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On the 8th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming took on Hanwha Life Esports in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, SB took down HLE and is now on a two-match win streak. The “Yamato Magic” seemed to be in full effect, as the team climbed out of their slump to dominate their opponent tonight, and with their next opponents being KT, who took down the 1st place team in the league, SB had their fans become excited for the next matchup.


Route and OnFleek, the bot laner and the jungler for SB, were named POG for game 1 and 2 respectively, and joined the official broadcast for an interview.


Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


Route: After a long losing streak, we’re now on a win streak, so it feels good.


OnFleek: After the last match, we said that we’ll ride the high momentum, and I think we’re keeping our word so far.

Did YamatoCannon give you guys any more inspirational quotes?


OnFleek: No, not really. There’s more from before, but none from yesterday.

HLE’s bot lane, Viper-Lehends, is a very strong bot lane. Did you do anything in particular to prepare for the match up?


Route: Nothing in particular, but we told ourselves that as long as all five of us do our jobs, we’d win.

You performed very well on Aphelios today, despite the champion being nerfed multiple times. Did you feel that you’ll carry today?


Route: Aphelios performs a lot better than Ezreal in the late game, and since we had Karma and Leblanc, we told ourselves that FATE and I would be able to carry.

The Volibear vs Olaf matchup pops up quite a lot in the jungle. Playing the Olaf, did you feel confident against Volibear? How do you see the match up?


OnFleek: Volibear wins the 1 vs 1 match up, but since Volibear has no mobility skills other than his ultimate, when it comes to teamfighting, Olaf has the edge over Volibear.

Based on the in-game comms today, it seems that the team atmosphere’s gotten a lot better.

OnFleek: I think that it’s natural for the winning team’s atmosphere to be great.

Summit even said that he got carried, so who was the one doing the heavy lifting?

OnFleek: Honestly, I think the rest of our team was doing the carrying.

There’s a lot of memes about YamatoCannon, especially about his fashion. Thoughts?


Route: I think that his fashion today was like someone going to a tropical island for vacation. I’ve never seen him always trying to dress nice, but I think he’s always trying to be fashionable.

Your next match is against KT, who just took down DRX earlier in the day and ended their undefeated streak.

OnFleek: When I watched Smeb play support today, I was curious to see how he’ll perform, and he played quite a lot. But we have GorillA, so I think he’ll clap him.


Route: I personally thought that KT would struggle against DRX, but they won. We’ll have to prepare even harder, and if we do, I think we’ll win.

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