KT SoHwan: "TusiN, you better be on your toes when you recover!"

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On the 8th (KST), kt Rolster faced off against DragonX in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-1, KT managed to defeat DRX in an upset victory and end DRX’s undefeated streak. Due to TusiN's health issues, the two top laners for KT, SoHwan and Smeb started for the team. With Smeb playing support for this match, they were able to take the upset victory over DRX.


SoHwan and Ucal, the Player of the Game (POG) for game 1 and 2 respectively, joined the official broadcast for the POG interview.


Congratulations on the victory! How does it feel to take down the number one team in the standings?


SoHwan: It feels really good to take the victory. Never in a million years did I dream of playing with Smeb, so it’s quite a new feeling.


Ucal: Because DRX was undefeated coming into this series, I think that the entire team was quite anxious because we weren’t playing with our actual support player, TusiN. Before the match, our head coach, Hirai, told us, “If you’re going to be scared to face a certain team, you’re not qualified to be a pro. I don’t care if you win or lose, as long as you gave it your all, that’s all that matters.” That really helped us gather ourselves mentally.

When we received the entry for KT’s starting roster, Smeb was actually listed as the top laner, so when was it decided that Smeb will be going support?


SoHwan: We had a number of players prepare to play support to play in place for our sick TusiN, but since we had two top laners, we thought that we could get an advantage in runes.

Ucal, why do you think you started for the team?


Ucal: As you know, the team was going through a rough patch, and I feel that my strength lies in bringing the unpredictability to the table, so I think that’s why I started today.

Is TusiN okay? How’s he doing?


Ucal: He was really sick. We couldn’t even get in touch with him until very recently, when he confirmed to us that he was okay.

It’s been a while since you played on stage, so can we expect more stage time from you in the future?


Ucal: That will depend on what the team wants to do. Kuro has his strengths, while I have my own as well, so we’ll both be working hard in bringing the team together and winning.

Not revealing too much of the team’s secrets, when will be those times that you start for the team?


Ucal: I won’t be playing support for the team (laughter).

Shyvana made an appearance after 891 days of absence in the LCK. How did the team react to it?


Ucal: When we saw it being locked in, we thought that Chovy might play Kalista in the mid lane, because he likes playing marksman champions like Lucian and Kalista. However, I was relieved that he played Lucian instead of Kalista. 

SoHwan, although we jokingly mentioned how you played better in an online format during the Spring split, we missed seeing you on stage. How are you managing yourself?


SoHwan: I am managing myself quite well, both mentally and physically. I think I felt more comfortable in today’s series. Perhaps it's because I was playing with Smeb. 

Is there a difference in teamfighting with having two top laners in the team?


SoHwan: There’s a clear difference in playing with an actual support player… I don’t mean to belittle TusiN in any way (laughter). Smeb did find the right angles to go in, so it definitely was comfortable. 

Because this line up was created due to an unforeseen circumstance, you can’t really say that it’s better, correct?


SoHwan: Since TusiN is watching, I can’t comment (laughter).

Ucal, you continued to flair up the iG (Invictus Gaming) emote. 


Ucal: Ever since I played against Rookie at Worlds, I think I grew a lot as a player, so I used it as a reminder to myself at the time.

Also, today’s Score’s birthday, so he’s probably watching this while eating a cake made of rice. Can you send him a birthday message?


Ucal: Happy birthday Score! I heard that you’re a cook in the military, so please visit our team house to cook for us!

Next match up is against SANDBOX Gaming.

SoHwan: TusiN, I hope that you do get better really soon, and you better be on your toes when you recover! (Laughter)


Ucal: After YamatoCannon joined SANDBOX, they’ve gotten a lot better. Before our match, Wadid cheered me on, and I think that really helped. Thanks bro.

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