MAD Lions Carzzy opens up about being haunted by paranormal entity

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The Mad Lions gaming house has seen something unusual, even for the clown fiesta that is the League of Legends European Championship. Paranormal activity has been reported by players multiple times, including the Poltergeist Effect. Interviewer and Ghost Buster Lara Lunardi had the opportunity to interview Matyáš "Carzzy" Orság about the recent happenings.



Carzzy, when did you first start noticing paranormal activity around you?

Okay, so it was two weeks ago, and my girlfriend had just left Berlin. I was going with her to the train station. It was around 6 AM. I came back and went to bed. When I woke up, my monitor was slightly moved to the side, it was unusual. So I was kind of suspicious. I asked her if she moved it before leaving, but she said no.


Your first thought was “there is a ghost in the house!”, and not “maybe Marek walked in…”


No, no, no, no, no, no one could move it. I wasn’t even thinking about ghosts or anything unusual then. So I just let it go, I forgot about it. day I was playing duo queue with Kaiser *laughs*... and I told him I needed to go grab cereal. I went to the kitchen to get cini minis. It was gug….gug? Good. *laughs* IT WAS GIGA GOOD FOOD.


After I had my cereal, I left the bowl in front of the monitor, but there was still space. We were waiting in the queue, and I was not really focused on the monitor, just chilling, and then, I see that my f*cking bowl moved 15cm straight.


In front of you?


Yes! Nobody trusts me but I saw it with my own eyes.


And you didn’t think that maybe it was a psychotic episode. You were just, like,“ghost”.


Yeah (?)


Yes? *laughs*


It was a ghost.


Before, you talked about some vibrations in your room.


Yeah! My bed was vibrating.




Maybe my heartbeat was just too fast. That’s it.

But the ghost stuff is happening to others as well, like Orome. His monitor is also sometimes curved when he wakes up.



What about Marek? Is his monitor curved…?


No, but Marek is lying. He is pranking me and moving stuff around, he thinks that there is no ghost, but I saw this stuff with my own eyes, it was happening even before he started trolling [drawning] me.


Wait, before what?


Trolling me. He was moving the stuff as well, after the bowl thing. But this was happening even before.


Okay, you said trolling, I heard...drowning. I was concerned about your friendship.


Noooooo no-no-no.


So how are you so sure it is a ghost?

Because there is no logical explanation.


So it must be a ghost, that makes sense. Do you think that your girlfriend maybe brought this ghost in with her?

No, I think the ghost was there before. Orome moved something from his room into mine, and no the ghost is giga tilted and attacking us.


Makes sense. Who do you think this ghost is?


I think someone died in the apartment and now are haunting us because they envy me and Orome. 


Why would they envy you…


Because I play in the LEC. He wants our fame.


Like a player that accidentally died?


Yeah, a pro player from the 70s that used to play Tetris, and now he is giga jealous. He wants to f*ck us up.


Okay. What are you going to do about it?

I will live with him. Orome and I gave him a name, it’s Disco Nunu. He is moving our stuff and it’s giga weird, so Disco Nunu.


You’re not gonna try to banish him?


I thought of calling an exorcist or to put salt in the entrance of every room so he is scared of getting in.


I think that works for snails, not for ghosts...


Then maybe its a snail.


Okay Carzzy, thanks for sharing this paranormal activity with us.




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