Esports Weekly Ep. 5 - Celebrating Pride with Amanda Stevens through Transitional Combat and Esports Diversity and Inclusion


Amanda Stevens joins us in our 5th episode at the end of June. Together, we celebrate her accomplishments in the past months, both setting up a grassroots tournament that raised over $10,000 for Trans Lifeline and working with various esports orgs on diversity and inclusion. She's been actively covering a wide variety of esports for numerous years, and has put herself in a prime position to do good within this space that so desperately needs it. 


Along with the help of some peers, Amanda set up Transitional Combat, inviting players around the US to join an open bracket fighting games tournament to raise money for a good cause. As many in the industry know, it's often very difficult to organize and motivate people to do work to pull a project together, but within just days, Amanda was able to set up this tournament with structure, sponsors, casters, players, and a host, and then $10,000 in donations to follow it up. 


Additionally, Amanda has been hard at work with a few esports orgs, providing consultation for how they can be more inclusive and diverse, especially when it comes to celebrating Pride in June (and how to continue past Pride Month). She explains how she was able to put herself in that position, and how she views esports and its ability to enact change in our society. Be it a singular person who can help with a ripple effect, or a large corporation like Epic Games, Amanda has ideas for how each can participate. 


Hear more of her story of how she was able to motivate her peers and esports orgs to get more involved in celebrating the life of all those in esports below.




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