DRX Chovy on his insane CS: "The secret is to sneak into the enemy raptor camp to steal them. "

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On the 5th (KST), DragonX faced off against SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, DRX dominated the series over SP. In an attempt to shake things up, SP started Trigger and Mia instead of their usual bot lane line up, HyBriD and Secret. However, as the team that’s at the top of the standings and remains undefeated, DRX proved to be too much to handle for SP.


Chovy and Doran were selected as Player of the Game (POG) for game 1 and 2 respectively, and joined the official broadcast for the POG interview.



Congratulations on the six match undefeated streak. How do you feel?


Chovy: It definitely feels good to be on a win streak and because of it, I think my confidence level went up as well.


Doran: I feel a lot better than I did last match, and I’m happy we closed the series so quickly.

Did Pyosik come gank top lane when you called him this time around?


Doran: Nowadays, he comes when I don’t even call him.

Because SP isn’t a team to be underestimated, in addition to the fact that Trigger and Mia started for the team, what was the main focal point of the draft today?


Chovy: Because there were new players in the bot lane, we were worried about their potential new picks. However, our bot lane played well, so it was just another day at work.

It was a Corki vs Sylas in the mid lane for game 1. Corki usually takes Fleet Footwork as his keystone rune, but you took Lethal Tempo. Was that choice a display of confidence? What’s the match up like?


Chovy: I was playing Sylas into Kiin’s (top laner for Afreeca Freecs) Corki, and he took Lethal Tempo into my Sylas. Versus Kiin, I struggled a bit in lane, so after a bit of thought, I concluded that there was no need for the extra sustain, and focused more into shutting down Sylas early.

In game 1, Chovy had around 250 CS at the 20 minute mark, so do you think Chovy’s just good at getting CS, or does the team let Chovy take all the farm?


Doran: I had 10 cs per minute, so I thought I was the one that got the most farm. However, in the post match screen, Chovy had around 50 CS more than I did, so I asked him why it was so high. He told me that he even stole the enemy jungle camps as well.


Chovy: I only take our jungle camps after the 20 minute mark. The secret is to sneak into the enemy raptor camp to steal them. 

It felt like the game was going to end at around 17 minutes in game 2. Did the team charge into the enemy’s Nexus with the intent to end the game?


Chovy: We were going to just get one Nexus turret with the Rift Herald, and we initially thought that the turret didn’t go down because of Bard’s ultimate, but it did.

Your next opponents are KT. As the team continues to keep the streak alive, is there anything you’d like to say?


Doran: I’m happy that we’re performing well, and we’ll continue to win the upcoming matches to keep the streak alive.


Chovy: I’ll work hard to win our upcoming matches as well, with the goal of being undefeated in round 1 and 2 as well. Thank you.

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