T1 Canna: "We struggled in game 1 because we weren't too familiar with Volibear."

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On the 3rd (KST), T1 faced off against Gen.G in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, T1 was able to take the victory home against Gen.G. Despite a very rocky start in game 1, T1 managed to take the comeback victory against Gen.G. Game 2 looked vastly different from game 1, as T1 was able to close out the victory in a dominating fashion.


Kim “Canna” Chang-dong and Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan was named Player of the Game (POG) for game 1 and 2 respectively, and joined the official broadcast for a post-match interview.

It was a rematch of the Spring split finals, and you’ve once again, managed to take the victory home. How do you feel?


Canna: Although game 1 was hard, I’m glad to take the win home.


Cuzz: I’m glad that I was named POG, especially during this time where junglers don’t usually get picked as POG. We’re glad that our level of focus went up in the later stages of game 1.

Canna took half of all the POG points for himself on the team. Do you feel like you’re the ace of the team?


Canna: My POG points were low during the Spring split, but seeing how I have a lot of them in the Summer, I feel that I’m definitely doing my part in the team.

Cuzz, although the team has nine consecutive match victories against Gen.G, coming into this match, the team atmosphere must’ve been quite different. How did you feel about this match?


Cuzz: Because of their poor win record against us, I think I was able to gain a mental edge over them. In terms of preparation, we’re always preparing for the picks prepared against us, so it doesn’t really matter who our opponents are.

In game 1, Varus was open, but wasn’t picked by either team. What happened?


Cuzz: We just picked the champions that the coaching staff wanted us to pick, but it’s a champion that we can play at any moment.

Canna, top lane was a match up between two players performing at their peak.


Canna: I was a bit nervous because Rascal is a really good player. I think we struggled in game 1 because we weren’t too familiar with Volibear.

Cuzz, in game 1, weren’t you scared when you were bursting down Baron Nashor?


Cuzz: I was really scared, but one of Olaf’s strengths is that you can use smite chained with his E, so I was able to get it.

It was hard to gauge game 1. How did the team feel about the game?


Cuzz: We didn’t expect them to play Volibear, so we were caught off guard. However, I think we won because of our level focus and we picked the right fight near Baron.

It’s been a while since Cuzz started for the team, so did you have a specific mindset coming into this match?


Cuzz: I always have the same mindset before matches. Ellim’s a great player as well, so we’re just trying our best.

(Laughter) Your responses are very robotic. Is the coach telling you what to say into your earpiece?


Cuzz: It’s been a while since I was interviewed, so I’m quite nervous.

Canna, because you have so many POG points, you must feel very confident.


Canna: I’m still learning, so I do need to improve. There was a lot of luck involved in being named POG so many times.

I personally liked your line in the KLEVV ad. 


Cuzz: Does that mean I have to do it? (laughter).

Can we please ask you to do it? I think it’ll help with your nerves.


Cuzz: “Wanna be the RAM in your body for one day.” (laughter).


Source: KLEVV

Thank you so much! Are you less nervous now?


Cuzz: ...I’m very embarrassed.

Your next match is against SeolHaeOne Prince.


Cuzz: With Mickey on the roster, the team became a lot more aggressive, so we’ll make sure to prepare well for them.


Canna: We’re always preparing hard, and are trying to perform at our best, so we’ll make sure to greet fans with good performance. Thank you.



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