KT bonO: "The deep talks I have with the team and Hirai really helps mentally."

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On the 3rd (KST), kt Rolster took on SeolHaeOne Prince in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, KT took down SP in a dominating fashion. The jungler for KT, bonO, was named Player of the Game (POG) for both games, on both Nidalee and Lee Sin on game 1 and 2 respectively.


BonO joined the official broadcast for a POG interview to talk about the match against SP.


Congrats on the 2nd match victory of the split. How do you feel?


We broke our loss streak faster than we did during the Spring split, and although we still have a long way to go, I’m glad that we won today.

Statistically, you’re the first player to be named POG for both game 1 and 2.


Recently, my performance was at a low point, so my team put a lot of consideration into my play, and that’s why I was able to be the sole POG for this series. 

Last split, the team did various activities in the efforts of bouncing back from your loss streaks.


Whenever we do go on a loss streak, our head coach (Hirai) always tries to brighten up the atmosphere through various activities. I think that because of him, we were able to bounce back from such a gut-wrenching loss.

What’s your favorite activity of his?


I liked going to the escape room as a team, but the deep talks I have with the team and Hirai really helps mentally.

Your loss against DAMWON in the last series was a very hard loss, so what kind of feedback did you receive?


All of us were very nervous in the last match, and there was a lot of pressure to win. However, after feedback on those aspects, we were more at ease mentally.

Nidalee was the last pick in game 1, and her win rate is very high as well with an 8-1 record. Do you rate Nidalee as a high value pick?


It’s a good pick to counter Trundle.

Some junglers tend to not gank top lane, and even last night, Doran seemed somewhat angry at Pyosik. Is there a reason why you decided to babysit top lane this match?


Again, my team was very considerate towards me, so they told me to play the way I want, and I just ended up babysitting top lane a lot.

You won every single smite fight today.


Actually, during practice, I’ve lost a lot of smite fights, so I wasn’t confident in it, but because of tonight, I think I’ve regained that confidence. For tonight, even if we had objectives stolen, we knew that we were going to win teamfights, so because there was less pressure on me to win smite fights, it worked out better in my favor.

In game 2, ikksu played Illaoi. What did the team think about that pick?


During the Spring split, his Illaoi has been a thorn in our side, so we either banned it or was very wary of it, but Smeb played well into it tonight.

The reason why we mentioned Illaoi is because there were a lot of bans on marksman champions. How did Aiming react to it?


We didn’t expect them to ban so many of them, but Aiming’s good at non-marksman champions as well, so it wasn’t too big of a deal.

Next match is against Afreeca Freecs. Can you share some words of resolution?


We won all our matches against Afreeca in the Spring split, so we’ll make sure to take them down in the next match as well.


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