DRX Doran: "I thought my performance today was the worst... but cvMax told me that I did really well."


On the 2nd of July (KST), DRX shut out Team Dynamics in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split and continued their undefeated winning streak. In the match, Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon had a great performance and was voted as the Player of the Game. He was bothered consistently in the second game, but endured it until the end and contributed to the team’s victory. After the match, Doran joined the media room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


I feel good that we won and got a five-game winning streak.

As you said, you’re on a winning streak. Are you satisfied with the process?


In team play, it’s better than the spring so I’m satisfied, but there still are regrets in my own plays. I think I lack prowess in all areas.

But you still had a solo kill against Rich and did quite well. How was today’s match?


I thought my performance today was the worst of the five matches, but cvMax told me that I did really well after the game. So I felt better.

In both games, the opponent ganked the top lane often. As a top laner, do you feel good that they wasted their turn on top lane, or do you get mad?


If it’s solo queue, I could get angry, but in a team game, if the jungler uses their turn on top lane, our team could benefit from the bot side so I don’t get mad.

You seemed quite angry at the end of the second game.


We did benefit from the ganks, but I wasn’t satisfied with my own performance. I guess that’s why I was a bit angry.

Many people say that it’s a golden balance in top lane and that any champion can appear. What do you think?


If top laners that have a wide champion pool play against each other, the player with the last pick has about a 70% advantage. It all comes down to the draft. I think the last pick is advantageous no matter what in the top lane duel.

Rich always said that he’s the best Aatrox player. How was it playing against it?


I heard that, so I looked up videos of Rich’s Aatrox on his Youtube channel. He was good. But everyone plays Aatrox similarly well. I agree he’s good though.

Your next match is against SeolHaeOne Prince and against ikksu. How do you think it’ll go?


Ikksu uses a lot of joker picks. I need to be cautious of that and prepare for the picks and bans well.

Any last comments?


We have four more matches to go in the first round. Since we’ve won all the games up to now, I’d like to continue winning and win all games in Round 1.

And to Pyosik who didn’t visit top lane often?


[Sighs] ...Come when I call you. [Laughs]


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