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Kang ‘Ambition’ Chan-yong is a name that almost every League of Legends fan knows. He’s a former world champion with an incredible legacy that paved the pathway for many up and coming talent in the pro League of Legends scene. After his retirement in 2018, he continues to find much success as a streamer for his former team, Gen.G.


Inven had a chance to speak to Ambition in our ‘TMI Interview’ series. Although the manner of this interview may have been casual, he had many interesting answers that reflected various sides of his life after retirement.



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Kang Chan-yong.



October 27th, 1992.

Place of Birth?



Blood type?



Describe your personality.


Personality? Er… Introvert. Outsider.

Favorite color?



Favorite food?


Pork belly?

Favorite snack?


Cof… Coffee.

What do you do when you have free time?


I just lay down and look at my phone.


What fills you up with energy?


My wife. (Wow, I’m moved.) Lololol.

What did you want to be when you were young?


I wanted to be someone who only stays home and plays games, while making 3K a month.

If you weren’t a pro gamer, what would you have become?


A white-collar worker at a medium-sized company.

Would you become a pro gamer in another life as well?



Do you have a habit while playing LoL?


Now, I read Twitch chat a lot. Even when I’m not streaming, I’m always reading chat.

Favorite champion?


Jarvan IV.

How come?


He’s a champion that gave me so much.

A champion you hate the most?



How come?


You know why.

Favorite skin in the game?


Obviously, it’s the SSG Jarvan skin, and I also like Muay Thai Lee Sin. Lee Sin’s my most played champion, and Lee Sin equals Muay Thai.

When did you first start playing LoL?


I first started playing in 2011 because people said it’s a really popular game overseas.

First tier you placed in?


Plat, I think?

Don’t lie.


I’m not!

Even now, if you really put your mind to it, can you hit Challenger?


Of course. (Ah, I see)

Who’s your favorite pro gamer?


Uh… My favorite pro gamer? Faker.

As the 1st gen pro gamer, what do you think about your juniors born in 2000?


Ah… There are people actually born in 2000.

Who’s your favorite Gen.G player?


Uh… Ruler. He’s a player that I treat pretty roughly.

Favorite thing about being a streamer for Gen.G?


There’s just something special about it. There aren’t a lot of streamers in Gen.G.

Is there a thing you’re dissatisfied with?


Dissatisfied? Nothing. They’ve been very accommodating, so there’s nothing I’m unhappy with. If I am, I’m not human.

Is there content that you’re very proud of creating on your stream?


Content? “LoL Hi”.

How many times a day do you ‘KLEVV’?



Do you have a favorite line?


Hahaha. “Could you turn off the lights?”

Most memorable moment as a pro gamer?


Hmm…Winning championships. And getting eliminated pretty quickly. It has to be those two.

Hardest times as a pro gamer?


When I kept slipping right before Worlds.

Favorite nickname?


‘Kang chan-bab’ (Kang ‘cold rice’)

From CJ to Gen.G, you played with a lot of pro gamers. Who’s the most memorable player?


Crown? He’s uh… It’s hard to explain. He’s a very odd guy.

A player that you’d loved to have played with?


Faker & Bang.

Would you say you were the best jungler of all time?



I’m going to give you two players to choose from, so please choose one. CuVee vs Ruler?



CloudTemplar vs Madlife?


Uh.. CloudTemplar

Ruler vs CloudTemplar?


Wait, there’s no topic behind this? (Nope! Just choose one. Choose a player that first comes to mind) Uh… CloudTemplar (Okay. CloudTemplar wins).

Do you sometimes watch montages of yourself back when you were pro?


Even if I don’t search for them, I always see them pop up. People always show them to me to compare it to my current self.

Favorite Youtube channel?


These days… It’s a secret.

Favorite stream?


I watch a lot of Hearthstone streams. ‘Flurry’ is my favorite.

This next question is a staple in this series. Flash on D or F?



Can you send a message to the players that take Flash on D?


That’s why you’re in that tier. (Deft: What’s your tier?)

One thing you’d like to do the most to get away from daily life?


I don’t really want to. I’m very satisfied with my life right now.

A meta that you’d like to see return to LoL?


I miss the days when supports got deleted by mid laners in Season 2.

A deleted item you’d like to see return to LoL?


Um… This is hard… There are items that I would not like to see return. (Which is?) Ardent Censer and Banner of Command.

Some say that you won Worlds because of Ardent Censer.


Well… It’s not an item that I love. To be fair, it was quite disgusting, and because of that item, me winning Worlds saw less spotlight. We won because we played well, and it’s not like the opponents can’t buy the item as well. If there’s an Ardent Censer on both teams, then it’s a skill match up. 

Do you have a friend that people wouldn’t expect?


An unexpected friend?... I don’t have one.

If you were reborn, would you marry your current wife again?



A message to your wife?


I love you.

A message to your fans?


Thank you for your continued interest in me. I’ll continue to work hard.

This is the last question of this TMI interview. What are your thoughts about this TMI interview?


I liked how I was able to give short answers. There were a couple of fun questions in between, so I could tell that a lot of thought was put into this interview. It’s very fun content. Thank you.  

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