T1 Canna: "I already took down Kiin, and although Nuguri is scary, I’ll work hard to take him down as well."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 28th (KST), T1 took on SANDBOX Gaming in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, T1 was able to dominate SANDBOX and continue to ride their high momentum. The top laner for T1, Canna, was voted Player of the Game (POG) for both game 1 and 2, as not only did he solo kill Summit as Jayce, but also played a key factor in game 2 as Kennen.


Canna joined the official LCK broadcast to talk about the match victory against SANDBOX.


How does it feel to take the victory over SANDBOX Gaming today?


Although game 1 was pretty easy, the early game in game 2 was hard, but I’m glad that we won.

You solo killed Lucian on Jayce in game 1. How does that match up go?


In terms of the lane match up, Lucian has an edge, but overall, I think Jayce is a lot better.

It seems as if you love playing champions that can easily solo kill the enemy laner.


I love champions with a lot of solo kill potential.

I heard that you have a list of top lakers that you want to take down.


I don’t have a list, but there are a couple of scary top laners. I already took down Kiin, and although Nuguri is scary, I’ll work hard to take him down as well.

Why did you let the enemy take Varus in game 1?


During scrims, we felt that Kalista was better, so we took Kalista.

Effort was always the player that was very stern in staying focused until the end, but when we heard the voice comms, it seemed that he’s more relaxed inside the game.


I wasn’t a part of the team back when he was more serious, but he definitely is a lot more relaxed these days.

In the team’s recent performance, there’s a lot more skirmishing going on. Are you satisfied with the team’s direction?


Definitely. Although there’s a lot of skirmishing going on, we play out those fights very well, and the game feels a lot more fun.

The POG votes were very divided for game 2. If you could vote, who would you choose as POG for game 2?


I’d have to give it to Faker or Teddy. I think that they deserved it a tad bit more than I do.

Because of how well you play, there’s a lot of nicknames that the fans generated for you, and one of them is ‘God-nna’. Out of the many nicknames, which one’s your favorite?


I only know ‘God-nna’, but that’s my favorite one.

Your next opponent is DAMWON Gaming. 


Although all five of DAMWON players are really good, all the players on our team are great as well. We’ll work hard to beat them. Thank you.

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