DRX Chovy on the Ezreal preference: "Our bot laner is Deft. We know that he’s going to land his skillshots."


On the 28th (KST), DragonX faced off against Afreeca Freecs in the 2020 LCK Summer split. With a set score of 2-0, DRX was the one that came out on top against AF. Chovy played Morgana and Gragas respectively in game 1 and 2, which are two champions that are seemingly far away from the current meta champion pool, but was able to provide much aid in leading DRX to victory.


Chovy joined the press room at LoL Park for a post-match interview to talk about the victory.



After DRX’s win against AF, the team remains undefeated to stand atop of the standings with a 4-0 record. How do you feel?


It feels really good to be on a win streak. We made a lot of mistakes in game 2, but I’m glad that we were able to come back from behind to win the game. If we can go fix our mistakes, we’ll be able to solidify our ground at the top of the standings.

DRX picked Morgana, Braum and Karma, which is an odd mix of champions in the current meta. Yet, the team managed to still pick up a victory against AF’s standard meta comp. Was the ‘Protect the Deft’ composition the answer?


I’m not sure if we drafted a composition focused around Deft, but since the enemy team had a lot of CC, we drafted a composition with the goal of avoiding their CC and have stronger teamfighting prowess. With Doran even playing Karma top, it naturally became a ‘Protect Deft’ comp.

In game 2, you played Gragas into Zoe. Does Gragas act as a counterpick to Zoe? What are some strong points about mid Gragas?


I know there are many ways to play against Zoe, and not only did Gragas seem to fit the composition, it’s also a pick that’s more efficient than other champions. When we looked at the enemy team composition, Gragas seemed to be useful in the late game as well. I think that Gragas is a great pick against mid champions with limited mobility.

There were many instances where the team knew exactly when Aphelios’ Flash was down. As a team, are in-game calls as such honed to perfection?


Keria’s good at keeping track of summoner spell timings, and on champions like Gragas and Kennen, it’s important to be on top of key enemy carries. At the time, Aphelios was away from his team, so we were able to kill him.

As a team, DRX seems to favor Ezreal over Aphelios. Despite Aphelios having a positive record against Ezreal, why does DRX favor Ezreal?


Our bot laner is Deft. We know that he’s going to land his skillshots.

DRX’s next opponent is Team Dynamics. Is there anything the team needs to specifically watch out for against them?


We haven’t played against them too much, so we’ll need to thoroughly prepare for the match against them. In terms of pulling out unexpected cards like today, it’ll all depend situationally.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Although we did look shaky in game 2, I’m glad that we broke the image of the team always falling short during the second game of a Bo3 with today’s victory.


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