Gen.G Ruler: "I’m currently confident with all my champions."

On the 27th (KST), Gen.G took on SeolHaeOne Prince in week 2 of the 2020 LCK Summer split. The match ended in a quick 2-0 victory for Gen.G, as they did not shy away from skirmishing SeolHaeOne right from the get-go. Gen.G’s Bot Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk played Ashe and Ezreal in game 1 and 2 respectively, and explained the team’s different playstyle and the practice process behind it.


The following is Ruler’s post-match interview at the press room in LoL Park.



How does it feel to take the victory against SeolHaeOne?


There were a couple of mistakes here and there, but I’m happy with the clean 2-0.

Gen.G’s pace is becoming faster by the day. What kind of change happened internally?


We’ve actually been preparing this way since before MSC. We’ve worked hard in not shying away from fights and taking things very fast since the Summer split, and I think it’s working.

You’re playing a lot of Ashe in the LCK.


As long as you have lane priority, I think it’s a very useful pick. I’m good at the champion, so that’s why the team wants me to play Ashe. To be honest, I’m currently confident with all my champions.

Even though Ashe has a very easy skillset, it’s considered a very hard champion to use because of its immobility. Can you share a tip on how to be good with Ashe?


Honestly, Ashe isn’t a good pick in solo queue. Even if you reveal where the enemies are with her E (Hawkshot), your teammates tend to throw… The only advice I can give is to be good at landing your ult. 

What’s your take on the highly debated ‘Ezreal vs Aphelios’ match up?


I always thought Ezreal was better, but when Aphelios gets Death’s Dance as his 3rd item, he can go head to head against Ezreal.

Can you tell us about getting solo killed in game 1 against Aphelios?


I thought that I’d win pretty easily, so I was playing sloppy. I still think that it’s a fight that I would never lose. Although his weaponry set up was great, if I destroyed his little turret and fought him, I think I would’ve won.

If the win/loss didn’t matter, is there a champion that you’d like to play in a match?


There aren’t that many champions you can pick in the bot lane. Except for all the champions that always get picked, the rest do not function well. If I can, I’d play Vayne. In terms of how fun she is, she’s a great pick.

Lastly, any words to your fans?


I believe that our gameplay is getting better by the day, and it’s all because of our fans. We’ll make sure to practice hard and make our hard work come to fruition, so please believe in us and continue to support us.

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