GEN Clid: "Since Smeb’s back, I teased him to teach him the spiciness of the league."


On the 21st of June (KST), Gen.G faced kt Rolster in the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split and won 2-1. The battles were close from beginning to end, but Gen.G managed to secure the win. After the match, Kim “Clid” Tae-min joined the media room for an interview. 



How do you feel getting the first win of this season?


When we lost against DRX, our performance wasn’t that good. We tried to come back today with our best performances, but it seems that we didn’t. I’m thinking that we should concentrate more and come back in our top shape.

Wukong and Malphite are being matched up often in top lane. What do you think?


That matchup often appears in foreign leagues as well. Usually, Malphite has priority. I think it depends on the team color which they prefer.

You won Game 2, but closing the game was a bit regretful. How was the feedback?


We thought that our concentration lacked. Also, we gave them too much time after destroying their Inhibitors. We mainly talked about objectives and how we could end the game faster.

Twisted Fate also appears often, but Gen.G hasn’t used him yet. Is there a reason?


Bdd can play any champion well and he studies a lot about how to counter them, so we're mostly attempting to counter Twisted Fate. Our team has a positive thought on him. If there’s a chance or the timing’s right, we could use him.

You had the lead in Game 3 as well, but it wasn’t easy. When did you think you won? Even after you had the Ocean Dragon’s soul, it was close.


In the game, we collected the objectives well, so we aimed to get the soul. That went well and our decision making was good. We thought it would go well after the soul and it did.

You showed a little dance at the end with Trundle in front of Smeb.


I did that because we’re kind of close. Since Smeb’s back, I teased him to teach him the spiciness of the league.

Any last comments?


Our performance hasn’t been that good lately, but I’ll do my best to show the best performance we could to the fans.



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