DWG Nuguri: "I personally think top Fiddlesticks is a fad... Overall, he's a weird champion."


On the 19th (KST), DAMWON Gaming took down SANDBOX Gaming on Day 3 of the 2020 LCK Summer Split. The battle of the two teams that promoted into the LCK together ended in a quick 2-0 victory for DWG, as they seemed to heavily outclass their opponents. With this victory, DWG starts off their split on a positive note, a trait that seemed completely different from their start in Spring.


The top laner for DWG, Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon, joined the Press Room for a post-match victory interview.



Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


It feels really good to have a win on the scoreboard.

Both Game 1 and 2 were quick victories for DWG. Can you tell us how you manage to quickly finish the series?


The pace of the game was very fast for everyone in game 1. In game 2, while our mid-jungle duo initially had a slow start, they eventually caught up to the rest of the team’s pace, so we were quickly able to close out the game.

Is there a team that you absolutely want to take down this split?


DRX. They were like a thorn on our side last split, so we really want to beat them this split.

If you were to predict a champion that’ll see competitive play in the near future, which champion would it be?


Volibear. His recent win rate in solo q is pretty good, and the champion itself is very good. For top lane, I personally think top Fiddlesticks is a fad, so I’ll have to continue to monitor his performance in solo queue. For jungle Fiddlesticks, he's on the verge of being viable. Overall, he’s a weird champion. 

After DWG’s disappointing run in the MSC, how did the team prepare for the Summer split?


Although we practiced many different things in scrims, one of the things we practiced was how to make quick decisions in scrims. I think a lot of what we practiced was utilized well during today’s match.

Goal for the Summer split?


I want to win the whole thing. As Summer split’s performance greatly affects our road to Worlds, winning the whole thing seems like the easiest way to go about it.

Lastly, a word to your fans.


Due to the coronavirus, fans send us a lot of messages, so I want to thank them for sending us support. They’re the ones who label us to be strong contenders during the Summer split, so we’ll make sure that we live up to the expectations.

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