AF Mystic: "Death's Dance is really OP. I like building it. The item goes well with any champion."


Afreeca Freecs swept SANDBOX Gaming from the first match of the 2020 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split. From the beginning, a pentakill came from Afreeca Freecs’ bot laner, Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun. He was voted as the Player of the Game in both games and was interviewed after the match.



How do you feel winning 2-0 in the first match of the season?


It’s important to have a good start so I’m very satisfied that we were able to win 2-0 from the start.

It was quite a long break after the spring season was over. How was the preparation?


It was similar to any other time. Our vacation was a bit shorter compared to other teams; we probably have been preparing for a bit longer.

With a pentakill, you took both POGs today. Did you think you’ll do so well?


Rather than me playing well, it was my teammates that played well towards me, and that it was convenient for me from the draft.

In Game 3, SANDBOX Gaming banned three ADCs and forced you to play Kalista. What did you think?


The three ADC bans probably had something to do with them losing in the Aphelios-Ezreal matchup in the first game. So I thought if I played Kalista, they would play Senna.

Was the Kalista-Taric comp with Karma prepared to focus on Mystic’s carrying ability?


When we picked Kalista and Taric first, we didn’t think of Karma, but as the draft went on, it seemed like a good way to bring more synergy to the comp and convenient to pick first.

Since you’re a quite aggressive player, you would be satisfied with the Death’s Dance.


When the opponent builds Death’s Dance faster than I do, it gets really difficult. Death's Dance is really OP. I like building it. The item goes well with any champion. 



Fans often joke that Kiin’s ability to carry isn’t as much as before. How is it as a teammate?


In the team, we still joke around telling Kiin that he can't carry anymore. (Laughs) In all seriousness, Kiin’s always very reliable.

What’s your goal for this summer split?


My goal for the summer split would be winning the championship and going straight to Worlds. However, if I look back at the last season, I think it would be realistic to aim to reach the playoffs.

You had a pentakill last season and again this season. How does that feel?


I have a good feeling since I started the first game of the season with a pentakill.

Any last comments?


We’re really doing our best preparing this summer season, so keep your hopes high. Thank you.



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