Gamers think the PlayStation 5 looks like everything but a console, memes ensue.

Today, Sony revealed the first look at their new Playstation 5 and the general consensus is positive. The "Future of Gaming" presentation revealed tons of new games, including a Demon Souls remake, Hit Man 3, Spider Man: Miles Morales, and a host of other awesome games.

Then the internet got to work making memes. In a turn of events that surprised no-one, the white and black colors and slim aesthetic of the Playstation 5 inspired thousands of gamers to joke about the dozens of other things the Playstation 5 resembles.

Here are our favorites.

The Pokemon Shellder


An upright isolating fan.


An old internet router


Cell's headpiece from Dragon Ball Z


A Coffee Machine


An old router with two piece of paper between it.


A PS2 inside a white binder.


Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh!

A reverse Oreo


Gamers did the same thing when the Xbox Series X was first revealed, likening the console to pretty much every big black square they could find. While the Playstation 5's design may not be the most unique aesthetic in the world, it still has gamers across the world clamoring for more details surrounding it's release.

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