How to defeat (or just attempt) the Dragon Raids in Exos Heroes


Raiding Dragons is one of the most difficult objectives in Exos Heroes. Dragons do massive amounts of AoE damage and can quickly wipe-out an unprepared team. In addition, Dragons represent a massive DPS check -- if your team doesn’t consist of at least four characters that can dish out massive damage, you won’t stand a chance.

So how do you defeat the most powerful encounters in Exos Heroes? Let’s dive into that precise topic!


Chaos and Order -- two sides of a Dragon Raid

Each dragon fight comes in three phases. The first phase is your typical encounter that most player should feel comfortable navigating. Phase two, however, is when the dragon will activate their “Dragon Scale” defensive ability. This will “significantly” reduce all incoming damage and essentially make the dragon unkillable.

In order to get past these mechanics, you need characters with the “Dragon Scale of Order” or the “Dragon Scale of Chaos” passive.This passive allows them to deal 250% bonus damage against a Dragon with the matching scale. While it is technically possible to kill a dragon without this passive, it is highly unlikely!


Here are some characters who have the “Dragon Scale of Order” passive.

▲ Bernadette / ICE / Attacker
▲Magi / FIRE / Attacker
▲ Sabrina / FIRE / Attacker
▲ Anastasia / ICE / Supporter



Here are some characters who have the Dragon Scale of Chaos” passive.

▲ Sharpei / DARK / Chaos
Kirina / ICE / Chaos
▲ Deva / MACHINE / Chaos
▲ Brook / FIRE / ATTACK


Four is the magic number in a Dragon Raid. Every four turns, the Dragon gets to act and they do massive amounts of damage. This is where either Fatecore Zeon or Fatecore Ana come in handy. Because all units are in the same row during a dragon raid, these heroes Holy Dragon Grounds passives will target and protect the rest of your team.


So with either Fatecore Zeon or Fatecora Ana, bring three other characters (preferably with at least one Dragon Scale passive) that can focus on dealing as much damage as possible during phase two. These units will be shielded and not die during phase two. The reason you want to only bring 4 characters (each that do major damage) is that it allows you to do as much damage as possible in each of the dragon's turns.



Phase 3 -- the true challenge


If you executed the phase 2 strategy correctly, you may have been able to achieve the 100 Relics and 3 stars bonus. After this phase, the real challenge begins.


There are no shortcuts for phase 3! You have to try and build the ultimate team and create a sustainable strategy to withstand huge waves of AoE Damage. At this stage, optimizing each of your character's equipment is paramount.

In order to defeat phase three, you need a character that can cleanse debuffs and preferably units with a passive that reduce damage from dragon breath. In addition, these characters need to be extremely powerful and synergistic. It is also recommended that you bring a full group of 10 units in order to try and go the distance and defeat the dragon!


Good luck future-dragon slayer: check out more Exos Heroes guides on how to maximize resource gain and more.


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