Daily play advice and FAQ's answered in Exos Heroes.

With the release of Exo Heroes on May 28th, now is the best time to get as many free rewards and goodies as possible. In celebration of the game's release, LINE Games will welcome all players with 70,000 Gold, 300 Xes and 17 Golden Clock, equal to 17 Draws value, as well as a Grand Open exclusive Fatecore for the game’s main character Iris. In addition, there are multiple weekly events that give free Xes and crafting tickets just for signing in each day.


You can download Exos Heroes from the Play Store and App Store.

But, like all things in life, the easier they come the easier they go! Players new to Exos Heroes and the GACHA genre may find themselves low on resources quickly, but that doesn't have to be your fate. Check out the following advice for utilizing your Exos Heroes resources correctly!


Claim your rewards!

Check your mailbox repeatedly, especially after completing challenges and logging in during the games launch week. 


Auto Polish

Auto Polish is an easy way to level your characters currently equipped gear. This will automatically use the resources needed. However, if you are strapped for resources, don’t use this feature on every character automatically -- you will quickly run out! Try to refrain from buying blue, green or white gear -- only go for the highest quality!


Elemental EXP Scrolls and Stamina Usage

When leveling your heroes, you should use Exp Scrolls that match the element of the hero you are trying to grow. If you do not, you will be missing out on bonus EXP for no reason! So fire EXP scrolls should be used on fire elemental heroes, etc etc.

In addition, try not to ever let your Stamina gauge cap - always be exploring and use all stamina for exploration! (Especially from achievements, mailboxes, and purchases)

Hero Enhancement

When enhancing a hero, you also want to use enhancement spirits that match the hero's elemental type for maximum benefit. While a rank up hero enhancement isn’t always guaranteed, it does also give you a bonus enhancement rate to help you next time you try to enhance.

What is a Blessing?

Blessing (popularly known as Limit Breaking) requires resources that can be obtained via challenge modes. Challenge modes are unlocked around chapter two of the story mode and Blessing a character is possible when a character has reached a max of level 75 -- so don’t worry about this until you have found a 5-star character you always want to utilize.


The Airship Forge.

The Airship Forge is how you obtain high-grade equipment and accessories. This feature will cost Zes to use, so it should be looked at mainly after you have recruited a core group of heroes you like. You should also avoid this option until you are able to go on a Dragon Raid and obtain dragon relics.


The more Heroes you unlock, the more you can use the Dispatch function. Midway through Chapter 2, you can send part of your squad on 5-hour trips or missions. This is a great way to gather additional resources and material for crafting and equipment -- don’t forget about this part when it is unlocked!


Primarily, you want to look for high-grade equipment on the Exchange page. The primary currency used here is Powder of Light. You can obtain Powder of Light by disassembling low-grade equipment and common equipment. Anything higher than common should, early on, be used on heroes instead of being made into Powder of Light.

Challenge modes

Challenge modes are unlocked after you have played through the majority of the story line and are extremely useful for players looking for more recruitment material, enhancement material, and, essentially, free legendary characters. You can also grind for premium equipment using the Lunar and Solar trade route and ultimately use the Blessing Sanctum to grant blessings to your max level heroes.

Don’t forget the overworld map!

You want to talk to all villagers and people you see, as NPC’s commonly gift you items to extend your exploration. You can even find Exodium stones that allow you to summon more characters -- obviously an important thing not to miss!


The Door to Creation:

This is your crafting book in Exo Heroes and allows you to craft all sorts of items that lead to diverse Hero recruitment. This method gives you a chance to get 5-star heroes and, although it is a small chance, it is well worth the investment.

You need special items for region-specific character summons. You collect these items while exploring specific regions, so pay attention! Look at the character summon pools and it will let you know which items you need to collect so you can recruit your specific favorites.

When to Fuse unwanted heroes together.

If you haven’t cleared through the main story yet, you probably shouldn’t fuse your legendary heroes just yet. Instead, use them to beat through the core game. However, if you happen to have spare legendaries or a strong squad you already enjoy, this is a good way to get lucky and receive a more powerful or new legendary hero.

Why should I "lock" heroes?

You are going to want one copy of each hero in Exos Heroes, so "locking" heroes is simply an easy way to ensure you don't accidentally fuse or dismantle the last copy. While it may not be evident not, 1-2 star heroes have a use and can help you obtain the most powerful team and most diverse types of resources.

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