League of Legends Champion Roadmap update confirms three new champions; two next month

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


In Riot Games' most recent update to the Champion Roadmap for June 2020, it was confirmed by Lead Champion Producer Ryan 'Reav3' Mireles that three new champions would be hitting Summoner's Rift in the near future. Two of those three champions will be revealed in the next month.  


Riot Games developers are aiming to release six champions per year going forward. The champions are planned as one top laner, one jungler, one bot laner, one support, and two mid laners: "Mid lane is the most popular role in League, and mid lane assassin players are looking for something quite different than mid lane mage players. Since so many people enjoy mages and assassins, we’re aiming to release a champion for both audiences every year."


Reworks and VGUs are also a part of Riot's future plans and will continue to be in addition to the new champions. Fiddlesticks was reworked earlier this year, and most recently, Volibear has hit the rift with a new look and moveset.


The first new champion on the docket is a jungler who excels at mid-range skirmishing. Based on the flavor text in the Champion Roadmap update, the champion seems to have a theme reminiscent to Lulu and Zoe: "Be very quiet, though, she can be quite shy, and if we startle her she may prance into action, darting off as our vision starts to get blurry… and… hazy." 


The next champion, an assassin, will both be available to players next month. The final champion, planned for later in the year, is a marksman designed for thrill-seekers. Small gifs, visuals, and other teasers are shown in the Champion Roadmap update, but only bits and pieces have been revealed thus far. Lastly, the update revealed Dr. Mundo is the next champion in line for a VGU.




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