Surviving the Story and preparing for Exos Heroes PvP

Exos Heroes gameplay has two parts. The first is the story mode where players progress through chapters and the second is everything after that! Building the ultimate team is the core goal of Exos Heroes and what better way of showing off your squad than through glorious PvP?

If you are drawn to the rush battle, this guide will help you know exactly what you need to progress through the story efficiently while also preparing a strong PvP team. Let’s get started!

Strategy for developing a strong team:

The goal is to obtain a core trio of  4-5 star heroes composed of at least three different elemental types -- then Transcend to meet Guardian Stone break quest and daily dungeon requirements for max Xes collection. You also want to be 3-star clear every mission (xes gains are too high to pass up!) and doing so requires a diverse range of heroes.

However, our goal is PvP and for that, you need a core lineup. You want to start with a solid core of three heroes you like that each has different elemental types. These heroes you should invest in and make stronger. While doing so, you will inevitably come across dozens and dozens of other heroes too weak to use. Take note of these unwanted heroes that are at least 4 stars and above and don’t share an elemental type with any of your original trio of powerful heroes.

Transcend those previously noted heroes and then swap them in and out as needed to satisfy the condition of break quests and daily dungeons. Finally, once you have landed upon 1 strong hero for each elemental type, fuse the rest of your unused 4-star heroes and cross your fingers for a Fated upgrade!

Completing the story

Keep the following check-points in mind when trying to progress through the story. Chapters 1 and 2 are more forgiving, but things really ramp up around Chapter 3.  Every chance you get 700 Xes and purchase a rate up summon and add any fate/legendary heroes to your core story team.

Chapter 3, Episode 8

Team should be around level 25.


Chapter 3, Episode 13 - Chapter 4, Episode 2

Team should be no lower than level 30


Chapter 4, Episode 7

You should have a team of heroes around level 45


Chapter 4, Episode 13

At this point, your main core has been established and you are upgrading heroes and gear regularly.


Preparing for PvP.

While 5-star Fatecore Heroes have a power-level that can easily trump an unprepared team in PvP, clever players can do very well in PvP with a well-crafted group of 4-5 star units. There are several important elements to keep in mind when battling other players and understanding them is often the difference between victory and defeat.

Maximize Mana gain

Making sure your squad has as much mana as possible is the single most important part of PvP battling. A team should be built to try and benefit from as many mana granting abilities as possible! More mana = more of all of the things that make your team strong.

Variety of Elemental Attacks.

In PvP, breaking your opponent's guardian stones are crucial. However, not every guardian stone will match the element of a hero like in the story mode. As a result, AoE attacks have an increased value in PvP, as they allow you to scout for multiple guardian stone types at once.

Who is your front line?

Heroes in front get hit more and as a result, get their ability charge faster. As a result, tanky heroes who can also heal or cast buffs are a popular choice, as they charge quicker the more they deal damage

For a look at raw power, check out our article on the most powerful Exos Heroes characters. In general, healing, strong single target damage, stuns, mana regeneration and high HP / DEF stats are the most vital when conquering Exos Heroes PvP!

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