[MSC Today] TES takes down FPX 3-1 and becomes the first Mid Season Cup champions.

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On the 31st (KST), Top Esports took down FunPlus Phoenix 3-1 in the Grand Finals to be the first team to lift the Mid Season Cup. As the top 4 teams from the LCK and the LPL participated in this event, MSC became a festival for the LPL, but in terms of the level of performance and the level of entertainment, it pleased a lot of fans.


Game 1 was all about TES’ mid laner, Knight, on Syndra. It was a game that proved Knight’s Syndra needed to be permabanned. Although FPX’s jungler, Tian, showed proactivity around the map as Graves, Knight and Karsa were able to turn the tide in their favor in critical moments of the game, thus ending up destroying FPX’s Nexus to lead the series 1-0.


In Game 2, FPX’s Doinb showcased the utmost limits of the champion, Galio, and tied the series. Although the game itself was pretty even throughout most of the game, Doinb’s Galio outshined the other nine players at the right situations to lead his team to victory.


In Game 3, Top Esports, once again, showed absolute dominance over FPX. With early points being scored on the top side of the map by 369 and Knight, they were able to snowball the game. 369’s Renekton was not only able to survive a 1 vs 3, he even solo killed Doinb’s Ryze in the side lanes to show his presence.


TES focus on Game 4 was on the bot lane. Although TES’ top lane was struggling, there were many more advantages taken in the bot lane, so after TES took down the tier 1 bot turret, their bot duo moved to the top lane. It looked as if FPX lost their composure, as there was a 5K gold difference at 13 minutes, and by 22 minutes, TES was destroying FPX’s top inhib turret and the inhibitor. In the end, without any crazy upsets, TES dominated FPX to become the first champions of the MSC.


Mid-Season Cup Semifinals Results


Top Esports  3 - 1 FunPlus Phoenix


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