[MSC] GEN Clid on facing TES: "Their style is similar to ours. I think the laning phase would be really important."


On the 29th (KST), Gen.G made it out of Group B in the Mid-Season Cup after tiebreakers. They defeated JD Gaming, Invictus Gaming in the first two rounds, and defeated DragonX in the tiebreakers to reach the semifinals. After they sealed the win, Kim “Clid” Tae-min, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, and Park “Ruler” Jae-hyeok joined the media room for an interview.



You’re the first semifinalists of the LCK. How do you feel after a long day?


Bdd: There were difficult matches as well. I feel relieved that we were able to win in the close matches.


Clid: It took a long time. It would have been unfortunate if we were eliminated, but it’s a relief that we reached the semifinals.


Ruler: There was a game that I didn’t play well enough, so we went through a hard time. Thanks to my teammates who played well, I was more motivated and try harder.

Your head coach Edgar left and oDin is working as interim head coach. How was the change?


Bdd: I personally was quite stressed because of the change. There were times when I wasn’t able to concentrate during practice, but oDin cared for my mental well and the players gathered together well as a team to work out the difficult situation.


Clid: The players had a hard time after coach Edgar left. But we were able to cluster as one to make a good result.


Ruler: I focused on what I needed to do. I think I practiced hard whether or not our head coach was there.

The LPL teams played well yesterday. How was it watching yesterday’s matches?


Bdd: There wasn’t any pressure. I just thought we should do our game well.


Ruler: It was the same for me. I wanted to show what we practiced and fight surely.

It seems that your performance is at the top level. What did you try to change after losing in the LCK finals?


Bdd: We have many players with great mechanics. We thought it would be good to play making skirmishes so we tried to play aggressively.


Clid: We tried to take initiative in the draft pools and in the games as well. I think we made improvements in that part.


Ruler: I deepened my champion pool. I practiced champions that looked good right away. I also tried to fight whenever I saw the right situations.

You met DragonX again after losing to them. How was the feedback?


Bdd: In our first match against DragonX as well, we had an advantage. I thought we would be able to beat them if we don’t make mistakes.


Ruler: I overextended in our first game against DragonX. I thought our overall prowess was better than theirs so we would win if I just played well.

You’ll be playing against Top Esports tomorrow. How do you think it’ll go?


Ruler: They played based on their strong mechanics. When I watched their match, they felt similar to our team. I think it would work out if we play towards what we practiced.


Bdd: If we just play as we did, I think we should win.


Clid: Their style is similar to ours. I think the laning phase would be really important.

Game 1 will be blind picks. What do you think?


Ruler: There could be a mirror matchup and several OP champions will appear. The overall prowess will be important.


Bdd: I think both teams will fight with champions that we’re confident in; mechanical champions.

What do you think of the whole MSC competition?


Bdd: When we practiced against LPL teams, we fought a lot. I wondered how it would be in official games and was able to check today.


Clid: I think it’s a good warm-up prior to the summer season. It was a good chance to organize our picks and bans and our teamwork.


Ruler: It’s quite fierce. Although every day is busy, I think we’ve gained a lot.

You picked Yasuo-Gragas comp in mid-jungle when other teams picked the comp into their bot lane. How do you the comp is?


Bdd: I think it’s good since it can be swapped between mid-jungle and bot.


Clid: There’s an advantage we can gain during the draft. It depends on the team color.


Ruler: LCK teams often pick Yasuo-Gragas bot. I practiced a lot as well. Although it doesn’t look as good since we lost during the competition, l think it’s a good pick.

Any last comments?


Ruler: We got to head to the semifinals in first place in our group. I’ll make sure we play better.


Bdd: Fortunately, we were able to make it to the semifinals. I use my head more to reach the finals.


Clid: As much as this is a competition, I’ll work harder preparing so that we can aim for the championship.

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