[MSC Today] Gen.G and JD Gaming reaches semifinals to face FunPlus Phoenix and Top Esports


On May 29th (KST), Day 2 of the Mid-Season Cup was held. JD Gaming, Gen.G, DragonX, and Invictus Gaming faced each other in Group B. After two tiebreakers, Gen.G and JD Gaming moved on to the semifinals.



In the first game, Gen.G defeated LPL champions, JD Gaming. After Gen.G took first blood in mid lane, they never let go of the lead. The biggest fight came around the 20-minute mark. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong’s Azir caught four champions in a teamfight near the dragon to collect a quadra kill. Through the lead, Gen.G secured the Baron buff and destroyed JD Gaming’s Nexus.


DragonX faced Invictus Gaming in the second game. DragonX top laner Choi “Doran” Hyeon-joon’s Wukong had a splendid performance. When Invictus Gaming started to lay pressure on DragonX through lane priority in top lane, Doran changed the flow by solo killing Kang “TheShy” Seung-rok’s Lucian. In the following fights, DragonX continued to take more benefits and were able to close the game in 32 minutes.



The third match was between the LCK teams and DragonX was the first team in the group to collect two wins. At first, Gen.G stepped ahead, playing aggressively. However, Hong “Pyosik” Chang-hyeon’s Graves scaled as much as a solo laner and became unstoppable. It seemed Gen.G was striking back as they won a fight around Baron, but the gap was already too big for Gen.G to make a difference. With the Cloud dragon’s soul, DragonX trampled Gen.G down.


The LPL spring split champions won the match between the LPL teams. JD Gaming jungler Seo “Kanavi” Jin-hyeok picked Nidalee and carried the team to victory. With a 5/0/6 KDA, Kanavi was all over the Rift. Although Song “Rookie” Eui-jin’s Azir resisted strongly, it wasn’t enough to stop JD Gaming’s wave.



Gen.G collected their second win against Invictus Gaming. In this match, Bdd’s Yasuo was legendary. Starting with three kills in the top lane, Yasuo picked up most of the kills for Gen.G. There was a critical situation for Gen.G as Ding “Puff” Wang’s Ezreal picked up a quadra kill, including the bounty on Yasuo, but Gen.G struck back immediately. After securing Baron, Gen.G finished the game, defeating the 2018 World Champions. 


Game 6 was between DragonX and JD Gaming. DragonX led for most of the game as Doran had some super plays but they overextended at a dragon fight. Although DragonX was still ahead in the global gold, JD Gaming gathered enough strength to fight back. After another massive win from JD Gaming, they went ahead and destroyed DragonX’s Nexus, forcing tiebreakers in Group B.



The first tiebreaker was between the LCK teams. Through strong laning in the mid and top lane, Gen.G gained priority and started snowballing. They took both Rift Heralds and pushed ahead.  DragonX managed to secure three dragons, but that was it. In the last teamfight, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee succeeded to get three opponent champions airborne and Gen.G cleaned it up. Gen.G closed the game in 30 minutes and became the first team to reach the semifinals in Group B.


DragonX and JD Gaming faced each other a second time today, both having no space to back off. DragonX stepped ahead through the synergy between mid laner Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon’s Sett and Pyosik’s Trundle. However, JD Gaming struck back with a triple kill from top laner Zhang “Zoom” Xing-ran’s Mordekaiser. From that point, Mordekaiser was unstoppable. Although DragonX took the mountain dragon soul, JD Gaming moved in on DragonX and turned the game around to be the last team to make the semifinals.



Mid-Season Cup Day 2 Results


Game 1: JD Gaming (L) : Gen.G (W)

Game 2: DragonX (W) : Invictus Gaming (L)

Game 3: DragonX (W) : Gen.G (L)

Game 4: JD Gaming (W) : Invictus Gaming (L)

Game 5: Invictus Gaming (L) : Gen.G (W)

Game 6: DragonX (L) : JD Gaming (W)



Game 7: Gen.G (W) : DragonX (L)

Game 8: DragonX (L) : JD Gaming (W)

Group B Standings


1st: Gen.G (3-1)

2nd: JD Gaming (3-1)

3rd: DragonX (2-2)

4th: Invictus Gaming (0-3)

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