The LEC slowly returns to its studio, cancels Summer Split Finals in Mälmo

I want the LEC back in my life.


Riot Games has shared both good and bad news. First, they shared plans to bring back the production team to the LEC Studio, in Berlin, followed by the cancellation of the 2020 Summer Split finals that would take place in Mälmo, Sweden.


Set to begin on June 12, the League of Legends European Championship team will be operating in minimal capacity, starting on Week 1. Teams will still be playing from home to ensure player safety, and a small portion of the crew will be on-site to retake the LEC production slowly.




Riot explained that teams will not be playing in-studio as the season starts due to the high amount of staff needed when players are on-site. A controlled approach will allow the production team to test the waters and safely welcome the full staff in a controlled environment.


With the development of the season and monitoring of the staff, Riot Games hopes to gradually be able to bring back teams and press to the studio. Due to safety regulations, the team has not been able to draft a timeline for the fans to return.


The 2020 Spring Split is one to enter history books. Despite the chaos of the pandemic, the LEC production team swiftly brought the league to an online format, allowing players to move forward with the competition. The online viewership topped 800,000 viewers during finals, reaching a new record.


Riot Games has canceled the 2020 Summer Split Finals in Mälmo, Sweden, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the risks this could impose on its staff members, talent and players.



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