Esports Weekly Ep. 1 - Coronavirus, LCS, and the Rise of VALORANT and Fall of OWL


Watch the first episode of our newest podcast, Esports Weekly, where Inven Global reporter, Parkes Ousley, hosts discussions around current happenings in the esports scene. In the opening Episode, two fellow Inven Global reporters, Nick Geracie and Lara Lunardi, join Parkes to break down the impacts of the coronavirus and how they've changed esports, both positively and negatively.


What are the consequences of the coronavirus in relation to the business side of esports, and how are their sponsorships affected? And does COVID-19 give this year an asterisk? If so, does that take away from Cloud9's accomplishments, and should it? Additionally, how have esports orgs responded to the pressure and changed situation, and how have they taken advantage of the extra eyes on the scene?


Alternatively, what is going on with OWL? Much of the broadcast team left earlier this year, but more recently, players have been leaving as well, especially with the rise of VALORANT, Riot Games' newest game, a tactical shooter featuring skill/spell wielding agents. And what does VALORANT need to do to keep the hype rolling? Check it all out here, as three industry veterans discuss their own thoughts and information shared by others in the scene.




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