League of Legends meets the Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge

Sailor Moon Redraw x League of Legends


The internet has been taken by storm by drawing challenges. Last month, we had the “Six Character Challenge”, in which artists would pick characters to make fan art of, and now, we have a resurgence of the “Sailor Moon Redraw” challenge. The League of Legends community is redrawing the classic anime scene with diverse champions, creating beautiful, unique, and sometimes... dubious artwork.


This is the original version of the Sailor Moon Redraw Challenge, taken from the anime.


Our editorial team has gone through Twitter to curate the best and most strange versions of the Sailor Moon Redraw x League of Legends art trend. Take a peek below:


Sailor Moon Redraw, but with Star Guardian Xayah instead, by Sharynne.


Star Guardian Sett HAS to happen. Artwork by Punbun_4Fun.




"Let's play Lux Support" by xSNOW_WEISSx.


Star Guardian Zoe by Q_Hush


Sailor... Urgot! By victorli_ran





Star Guardian Jinx by ChimiDolly


Sailor... Draven, of course! Art by Rhooj_art


Lux seems to be the Sailor Moon of League of Legends... Art by doremiiart



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