Awesome Ways to Celebrate Special Occasions with a Gamer

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Most gamers are passionate about their hobby, and as a gamer incorporating this into special occasion, celebrations shows just how much it means to you.  As a friend of a gamer, the incorporation of gaming into a celebration is a way of showing that you know how important gaming is in their life and that you are happy to support their passion for the sport. The explosion in popularity for games that are not just exciting but also invigorating has opened up the genre to some adults for the very first time. With millions of games ready to access online, there are a multitude of games and styles to incorporate into a celebration with a gamer, whether in an intimate celebration or a grand multiplayer party.   


Source one of the games that made you first fall in love with gaming and have fun introducing it to younger members of the family or friends. Nearly all platforms offer some level of support for retro-gaming, except the Switch. Whether you want to try Spyro the Dragon or Super Mario again, this is a chance to revert back to simpler times whilst having fun with others, particularly your younger children.  


A romantic evening for two 


If you are a romantic couple, who are both gamers, order in your gamer’s favourite meal and enjoy a video game soundtrack as your background music. At this time, you can gift a gold plated rose to your partner, as a mark of your everlasting devotion and appreciation. After dining, try a new game couples game, such as Dream Day Honeymoon; Harlequin Presents: Hidden Object of Desire; A Vampire Romance: Paris Stories or Love Alchemy: A Heart in Winter. 


Share the love with family 


If you want to celebrate a special occasion with a gamer, but you are new to the idea, ask them if they can introduce you to a game they think you will enjoy.  If you are a couple, there are some great couples’ games you can play as you celebrate an evening together.  


You can share with your parents, or your grandparents, anything from Yooka-Laylee to the Professor Layton series, Little Big Planet or Super Mario 3D World. This is a great bonding experience for everyone, and you may even find a future diehard Call of Duty fan. 


Try new games on new systems


Broaden gaming skills by trying games that are different in style to what you usually play.  Mix FPS games with Metroid Prime games or give MMORPG or Final Fantasy XIV a try. There will always be something new to try. Alternatively, go one step further and try a new system with a variety of games that will have you setting up new neural pathways as you improve 


Wear your heart on your sleeve 


Make your celebration special by dressing up in gamer garb. There are some gorgeous gamer dresses for women. Otherwise, dress up as a favourite character or hero or keep it subtle with earrings or cufflinks to show where your loyalties lie. You can order apparel online that shows your allegiance to Minecraft, The Witcher Wild Hunt, Overwatch, The World of WarCraft, Rocket League and more. Otherwise, check out designs by JiNX and Tom Clancy among others. 


Gamer food hamper 


Create a fun gamer food hampersearch online for some great recipes. Consider Slime meat bunsKoopa Shell cake pops and mushroom ice pops or even Triforce lemon bars. A simpler option is to order a PlayStation 3 cake from your local bakery or search out a selection of retro sweets to see you through a multiplayer marathon 




Add some game-themed cocktails, like a Heart Potionthe Shirley Templer or homemade Chateau Romani. If you're wanting to depict darkspawn blood, rum is a good choice, though it is likely to lead to a hangover. You can choose how alcoholic or non-alcoholic you want these drinks to be. 


Multiplayer Marathon 


For a big celebration, arrange a multiplayer marathon to include the retro Nintendo 64 Mario Party games through to the more modern Overwatch and Mario Kart 8. Try a potluck night where everyone brings a multiplayer game and system of choice and have some fun. There’s a chance you may find a new favourite.  


Alternatively, head for a gaming convention where you can get to see some of the best players in the world and meet with industry professionals to get a preview of games to be launched.  You can travel the world to conventions which are held in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe, Canada, the US, Brazil and Mexico. These conventions usually last two to three days, so can easily be incorporated into a longer vacation if you are flying long distance. Perfect for a milestone celebration.   

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