Riot responds to criticism around solo queue, including their plans to fix it

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


Riot Games has recently been under fire for not taking proper care of their solo queue environment, allowing trollers, inters, and griefers to go unpunished for their toxic behavior and reaching a critical mass that has begun to affect a large portion of games played. In a video message uploaded by former LCS Pro, Joedat "Voyboy" Esfahani, earlier this week, he started a discussion asking Riot to make necessary changes to improve their player base, and they've since responded.


League of Legends Game Director, Riot Meddler, put out a tweet with a quick TL;DR: of their response as a company, including specific steps they're going to take to fix their game, but also links a longer response from the devs as well. They reiterate the specific problem they're working on fixing, and then note immediate, short, and long term solutions they'll be pushing out.




And if you really can't be bothered to read the full post, they gave a further TL;DR: "Deliberate game-ruining behavior is something we need to prioritize addressing more. In the near future we’ll improve how report feedback works and introduce reporting in Champ Select. In the moderate term we’ll test more responsive detection of deliberate inting/pseudo afking. We're still considering steps after that but the plan is to keep working on this longer term. We’ll keep you updated each month on how internal progress and tests being run in specific regions are going."


Voyboy has since made another video in response to Riot's post, and has asked his followers to participate in helping be the change League needs its community to make. He claims those in the commmunity are also to blame, and wants everyone to commit to being better teammates in their games. He asks all those interested in improving the space to use the hashtag #SaveLeague to help spread the message.



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