KT PawN: "Since SKT is centered around Faker, I'll have a lot on my shoulder'

On February 18th (KST), Day 19 of 2017 LCK Spring Split ended with KT Rolster defeating Kongdoo Monster with a 2-0 record, being tied on the first place along with SK Telecom T1.

Wonsuk "PawN" Heo led the team to victory with Corki and Ahri in Game 1 and 2 respectively. It was especially impressive to see his Ahri's 'Charm' landing on the enemy's key player during crucial moments.

Here is our interview with PawN.


Congratulations on your win today. How are you feeling?

Now I'm finally free to focus on the match against SK Telecom T1. Since we've had a clean win today, I should be able to prepare for the next match with less burden on my shoulder.

Are you happy that you are in first place?

It's irrelevant. It will only matter if we stay there after we fight against SKT.

Hold on a second, Wasn't Game 2 anything but a clean game?

Well, it was a weird game. (Laughs) I kept losing in the midlane, so it was very hard for us to win. It should have been worse for us in the long run as their Syndra and Sivir could easily mow down our tank in the late game.

Why do you think you have won then?

I think we were better organized at focusing firepower. We've won because we were better at focusing firepower on a given target without being disrupted.

Did you pick Ahri as a counter to Syndra?

Ahri loses to Syndra during the laning phase before Level 6, but it's easy to gain an upper hand in fights afterwards. Ahri is better in split-pushing as well.

Talon is becoming more popular in official matches. What are your thoughts on Talon?

Well, I'd like to pick him, but I haven't had a good opportunity to pick him yet. For example, I could have picked Talon in Game 2 today, but I couldn't because then we'd have no AP champs. If I did pick Talon, we would have been massacred by Poppy. (Laughs) Also, Talon falls off pretty hard in the late game, so if I picked Talon in Game 2, then we would have lost.

You've made some clutch plays with 'Charm' in Game 2. Were you disappointed that you didn't get the MVP?

Well, it is Hyukgyu "Deft" Kim's fourth anniversary as a pro player, so I think he deserves an MVP for that. Of course, I did want to get it, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'll be content if people would know that I did pretty well today as well. (Laughs) I couldn't do a single MVP interview with OGN this season. I'll try to do it after the break.

Your match against SKT is imminent. How are you preparing for it?

SKT is very strong during the laning phase, so we need to focus on that. Since SKT is centered around Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee, I'll have a lot on my shoulder if we were to their strategy. I do feel a bit anxious since our last official match was back in 2015 - almost an year and a half ago.

SKT is harder to fight in a multiple match format. Unfortuantely, you'll be facing them twice within a short period of time.

They do get better as time goes on, while we tend to end games quickly. I guess we have our own playstyles. Of course, we'd need to work on our long game plan. I think we need to study how we managed to make a comeback after a long game with a composition that falls off in the late game.

Patch 7.3 will be in effect soon. What are your thoughts on the patch?

I think LeBlanc, Rengar, Camille and Jayce will no longer be banned as much as they are being now. Even now, I've had some chances to face those champions and got a better idea on how to play against them. However, I'm still not sure about LeBlanc. I don't get many chances to play as LeBlanc in both scrims and solo queues. It's not easy to find them in matches either.

Thank you for your time. Anything else would you like to share?

We still have to fight against SKT twice. I will be taking some time off, but I will soon be doing my best to prepare against SKT to defeat them and stay in first place without sharing the throne with anyone else.


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