SonicFox has a brand new look, and fursuit maker Yamishizen talks about its creation

SonicFox happy... SonicFox MAD!


Dominique “SonicFox” McLean represents the furry fandom loud and proud, actively online, or when picking up the trophy. The Fighting Games player, currently signed under Evil Geniuses, has taken part in numerous titles, including Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Injustice 2. 


This week, SonicFox announced a remake of their fursuit, featuring a special edition. Inven Global talked to Yamishizen, a fursuit designer from Fursuit Enterprise, and the creator behind the player’s suits, about approaching the new design that will be worn on and off-stage.



Can you tell our readers how the opportunity to bring Sonic Fox’s fursona to life came to you?


Actually, I have not heard of them until the character had popped up in my commissions. So I had looked at their twitter and saw that they had an interest in getting a suit made. At that point, I had realized who this person was.

What were your first thoughts on the character design? Was there anything particular that made you want to create it?


I have to say that being able to make their character, especially multiple times now, has been a huge learning experience for me. I have also worked on their first version of the character.






Since you have had experience with the character in the past, what has changed in the way you approached these two last builds?


We wanted to go with a different style, so we had a lot of trials and errors, refining the work to get right where we wanted. All in all, it was a great way to showcase improvement since I made the last suit of theirs.

What was the most challenging aspect of creating their suits?


The pinchers on the red design were the biggest challenge, hands down. I had never done anything like that before.


The design would not be complete without toe beans!

Do you work as a full-time fursuit designer? 


I have been making suits for almost ten years now. My first commission was about six and a half years ago, and for a few years now, it has been my primary source of income.

Are you excited to see Sonic Fox get on stage wearing your new fursuit designs?


I am so excited, oh my God! 



You can find Yami’s work on Twitter and on Instagram. You can find his work gallery here.



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