OCE unites with NA in Riot Games' upcoming TFT Galaxies Championship

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Earlier this month, Riot Games and their Teamfight Tactics team announced the first global TFT tournament, the Teamfight Tactics: Galaxies Championship. However, it wasn't entirely global, leaving off a few of the main League of Legends regions, including Oceania. But now a couple weeks later, Riot Games has found a way to flex them in, uniting the region with NA, granting them an opportunity to secure a spot in the TFT: Galaxies Championship.




Originally, the top 16 players from North America were slated to battle in the "NA Finals" - the Qualifiers that decide who will claim the two available seats for the TFT: Galaxies Championship. Now, OCE has been united with NA and was given four qualification slots, meaning four players have an opportunity to advance. Four additional slots were granted to NA as well, meaning four OCE players and 20 NA players will join to form the "OCENA Finals" to determine the regions' two Championship representatives.


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NA players will qualify for the OCENA Finals in one of two ways, either through official organized TFT tournaments (four players) or the NA TFT ranked ladder (16 players). Cloud9 and Team Liquid are each running a qualifier tournament, and both the winner and runner up of each will earn a place in the OCENA Finals later this year. Otherwise, Riot Games will take snapshots of the TFT ranked ladder starting May 12th, and will run for 12 weeks. The top 16 point earners at the end of the season will secure their spot. (Specific ladder scoring found below.)




OCE players will qualify a little differently, with each player going through the same ladder snapshot process and then playing in a large tournament afterward. The top 32 players at the end of the Summer will play in a single elimination tournament to determine the region's representatives. At the end of the third round of games, the top four players will qualify to participate in the OCENA Finals.


▲ Graphic provided by Riot Games


And if you need all of that condensed into a little TL;DR, Riot Games gave us one!


  • The Teamfight Tactics regional NA final has been expanded to include players from OCE, and renamed to the TFT: OCENA Final. The total number of participants has increased from 16 to 24, including 4 additional players from NA and 4 from OCE. 

  • NA players may qualify through a mix of ladder ranking (with the competitive cycle beginning May 5) and competitive events hosted by LCS esports orgs Team Liquid and Cloud9 (beginning May 16 and July 8, respectively).    

  • OCE players may qualify through ladder ranking (also beginning May 5) to earn one of 32 spots at an OCE Qualifier event.



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