The LCL Finals remade Game 1 due to an unofficial stream having no delay

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Thanks to COVID-19, the Playoffs for the League of Legends Continental League in Russia is taking place online rather than in a large crowd filled venue, just like the rest of the professional esports scene.  In order to uphold competitive integrity while teams have less oversight and supervision from referees, Riot Games has implemented a stream delay so the game is broadcast online a few minutes behind its real time. This way, if a team were to find a way to sneakily watch the stream, they could not gain any unfair competitive advantage. 




However, in Game 1 of the LCL Finals between Unicorns of Love and RoX, one of the streams didn't have a full three minute delay, and was instead casted live in English. It was not an official Riot Games broadcast; there was no official Riot Games English stream. In its absence, Faik "Shorty" Aliev was given access to the clean feed to do an unofficial cast of the series (along with Oisín "Penguin" Molloy) for the LCL English audience, but he was unaware of the need to make his own delay and casted the first game in real time


This prompted RoX, who lost Game 1, to request a remake. Riot Games Russia granted their request, and Shorty restarted his stream with the necessary delay. UOL went on to win the game again, and then won the next two as well, taking all four games, ending the day with an unofficial 4-0 and taking their second title in a row.




MSI has been canceled this year, so they won't go on to compete internationally any time soon, but Worlds is still currently scheduled for this Fall. If they can perform a threepeat, they'll make their return there to test themselves internationally once again.



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