T1 Faker: "It felt like every one of us were playing for one another."

Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 25th (KST), T1 took on Gen.G in the 2020 LCK Spring Finals. With a set score of 3-0, T1 dominated Gen.G to be crowned the 2020 LCK Spring Champions. Not only did Canna showed Top difference against Rascal, the whole team seemed to out-macro Gen.G, and with this victory, T1 became 9-time LCK champions.


The whole team joined the official broadcast to share their thoughts on becoming the 2020 LCK Spring champions.



Congratulations on becoming the 2020 LCK Spring champions! How do you feel?


Kim: It really feels great to lift the trophy, and the players played phenomenally. I’m really grateful that they did, and I want to thank them for their hard work and effort.




This series was very one-sided. Did you expect the series to play out such a way tonight?


Kim: I did not. I didn’t expect a 3-0. I think that pushing our lead boldly, while riding the momentum was the key point of the series.

Who’s your choice for the MVP of the finals?


Kim: I always gave the MVP one by one, but all 5 players played perfectly tonight, so I’m grateful.

The matchup between Cuzz and Clid was predicted to be a tough one. How was it tonight? How did you feel after the early kill in Game 1?


Cuzz: I was really nervous tonight, but I’m happy with the process and the result of tonight’s games. That one kill changed the flow of the game, lightened up our team’s atmosphere, and made them become passive.

A word from you, Canna, as well.


Canna: I don’t think I played super well tonight, but we won because my teammates played phenomenally. If it weren’t for all my teammates and the coaches, we wouldn’t have won like we did tonight.

What are you most thankful about?


Canna: They trusted me, consoled me during the hard times, and they were with me along every step of the way.

Is there anyone that you’re particularly grateful for among your friends and family?


Canna: Not only did my family send me messages of support before the finals, they’re always contacting me to see if I’m doing alright. When they all tell me things like “Don’t be nervous”, it all really helped.

How do you feel, Faker? Aren’t you the oldest Mid Laner in the LCK to become a champion?


Faker: I always had a young mind, so being the oldest didn’t really come to mind. I really wanted to win tonight’s match, and although we had our hardships this year, I’m thrilled that things worked out in the end.

What was the main reason behind beating Gen.G 3-0?


Faker: The coaching staff led us in the right direction, so the team was able to bond really well. It felt like every one of us were playing for one another. Our hard work and effort really paid off.

Is there a promise you’d like to make to your fans?


Faker: Although I didn’t get to see all the fans throughout the season, their support gave me much energy. I’ll make sure to work really hard until Worlds this year. I promised to win Worlds last year, but I’m sad that I couldn’t keep that promise. Although things are still early to say, I want to show the world that the LCK is the strongest region this year, so I’ll work hard to achieve that goal this year.

Are you sad that you couldn’t get a Pentakill this series?


Teddy: I should’ve gotten it, but we still won, so I’m happy.

A word from you as well, Teddy.


Teddy: The whole team played really well, so I had an easy time playing tonight. It feels especially great that it’s a 3-0, and I want to thank the fans for their support.

Effort, didn’t you promise something if you won the finals?


Effort: I told the fans that I’d dye my hair blue (Note: He’s a big fan of V from BTS) I’ll dye it once I get the time, and reveal it on my personal stream.

How does it feel to win, Effort?


Effort: I’m far from perfect, but we won tonight because of my teammates. It’s also a season where without the fans, I wouldn’t be here right now, so thank you.

Ellim, did you learn a lot from watching your seniors play?


Ellim: Although I didn’t play tonight, I’m still glad that I’m on the same team. I really did learn a lot by watching from the side lines.

Is there anything else you’d like to say?


Ellim: All the other players that aren’t here tonight are all good players as well, so please keep sending us your support.

Can the coaches provide a word as well?


Comet: Being the Coach for T1 comes with a lot of pressure. It feels like I finally overcame that pressure and achieved a milestone. I want to thank all the coaching staff and the players for all their hard work. Although they’re not here, because of all the other players on the roster, we made it this far.

Lastly, a final word from the Head Coach.


Kim: I’m really happy to win the Spring finals. As Faker mentioned before, we’re looking as far as Worlds, so we’re here for the long run. With this victory, we’ll make sure to ride the high momentum to achieve bigger things as a team. Lastly, thank you to all the fans that cheered for us online.



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