Inven Global Podcast Ep 13 - just a bunch of hacks (with mics!)


Episode 13 of the Inven Global Podcast featured the usual suspects. Nick D talked a lot about esports conspiracy theories and Eric admitted he has a serious Animal Crossing problem.



But then, a third voice joined in and single handedly saved the podcast falling into chaos. I am, of course, talking about Inven Global's very own Nick Geracie -- resident LoL expert and esports big brain. Graciously agreeing to be the podcasts first special guest, Geracie finally brought some much needed esports professionalism to the mix.



Topics include Cloud9's recent LCS title victory as well as unpacking the severity (or lack thereof) of VALORANT hacks and a breaking news story that occurred just 3 hours before this recording! You won't want to miss this episode and a very special BONUS segment at the very end!




You can follow our podcast talent on Twitter @Nickdorazio3rd, @winkostainless and @NickGeracie.

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