Nick's Esports Talks: Four traits all enduring esports have in common


Inven Global's Director of Corporate Strategy Nick D'Orazio has been streaming esports lectures every Tuesday at 2:00pm PT on This week's installment of 'Nick's Esports Talks' centers around four specific traits that all enduring esports have in common. Any game that has stood the test of time as a competitive title has checked off the four boxes that this week's lecture will center around.




Successful esports, regardless of the type of game, nature or medium of the competition, all possess these traits: The allowance of incredible feats of skill;  a viewing experience that mirrors gameplay; tension and suspense followed by explosive action; and the ability for players to get better at the game simply by watching.


Nick D'Orazio will utilize his extensive knowledge of the esports industry at large, as well as a decade and a half of esports content creation to shed some light on how successful titles approach making these things possible today at 2:00pm PT on Inven Global's Twitch channel.

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