[OFFICIAL] After 13 years, Flash changes race to random for StarCraft: Brood War

▲ Image Source: Gameplanet


Legendary StarCraft player Lee "Flash" Young-ho has played Terran as his race for the past 13 years, but as of April 19, 2020, has officially switched his race to random. This marks the first time that Flash, is widely considered to be the greatest StarCraft player of all time, has switched his race for competition.


Players competing against Flash will now have to prepare to never know what they're going to face before the very start of the match because, well, Flash won't know either. By selecting random as his race, Flash will have a chance of playing either Protoss, Zerg, or his legacy Terran in any match. 




Flash's move is an incredible flex. Seemingly dissatisfied with dominating the entire scene on just Terran, Flash is now poised to extend his dominance in a unique fashion. A competitive StarCraft player picking random is seldom seen, and the fact that it will be Flash of all competitors makes it all the more special.



Flash has achieved 19 1st place finishes over the course of his career in StarCraft: Brood War, and promised back in 2010 that if he won too much he would swap his race to random. No StarCraft: II or Starcraft: Brood War player in esports history has won a tournament with a random race, and in fulfilling his promise, Flash has terraformed the competitive StarCraft scene overnight

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