[LCK Today] DRX's fails to climb to 2nd place in the standings as they finish 2-1 against APK Prince


On the 16th (KST), Griffin and DragonX took respective victories off Hanwha Life Esports and APK Prince to close out the regular season of the 2020 LCK Spring. 


With 2nd place on the line for DRX, although they were able to take the victory off APK, it wasn’t a clean victory for DRX. DRX needed a 2-0 victory for a 2nd place finish for a higher seeding in the playoffs. However, with APK’s Bot Laner, HyBriD, scoring a Pentakill towards the end of Game 2, DRX finished in 3rd place in the regular season. With DRX playing like they were enraged, they scored 37 kills for themselves in Game 3 to close out the series.


Both team’s Bot Laners performed exceptionally well in the series. With HyBriD’s Pentakill being his third in this split alone, he was able to sweep the entire DRX squad to close out Game 2. Meanwhile, Game 1 of the series was Deft’s 400th game in the LCK, and he played like how a Bot Laner should always play: Dodge all the skillshots and position well to deal damage.



The first series of the night between Griffin and HLE went in favor of Griffin. While their performance throughout the season was nowhere close to the team’s golden era, their performance tonight seemed to remind the fans that they’re getting back to their old form. Meanwhile, HLE finished 6th place in the standings, blowing the chance to finish higher in the standings.


With emotes being recently permitted to be used in official matches, the players seemed to be proactively using emotes. Griffin’s Viper and Ucal stated in their POG interviews that they used Invictus Gaming emotes as a flair to motivate themselves, as IG is the team that Griffin lost to at Worlds. APK was also using T1 emotes at the end of Game 2 to seemingly send a message to DRX that they’re the ones who decide where the team places in the playoffs.



2020 LCK Spring Apr. 16th results


Griffin 2 : 0 Hanwha Life Esports


DragonX 2 : 1 APK Prince

2020 LCK Spring Final Standings

1st Gen.G 14-4 (+16)

2nd T1 14-4 (+16)

3rd DragonX 10-8 (+16)

4th kt Rolster 10-8 (+2)

5th DAMWON Gaaming 9-9 (+1)

6th Afreeca Freecs 7-11 (-8)

7th APK Prince 6-12 (-9)

8th Hanwha Life Esports 6-12 (-11)

9th SANDBOX Gaming 5-13 (-12)

10th Griffin 5-13 (-13)

2020 LCK Spring Playoffs Schedule


Wildcard Match: kt Rolster vs DAMWON Gaming - 5 p.m, 18th (KST)


P.O Round 1: Winner of Wildcard vs. DragonX - 5 p.m, 20th (KST)


P.O Round 2: Winner of P.O Round 1 vs. T1 - 5 p.m, 22nd (KST)


Finals: Winner of P.O Round 2 vs. Gen.G - 5 p.m, 25th (KST)

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