[Cartoon] LCK Playoffs right around the corner - fights still fierce for the standings


Today’s cartoon is about the 2020 LCK Spring Split Playoffs.


As we’re already at the end of spring with the summer sun approaching, the LCK spring season is nearly over. All was tedious and anxious due to the hiatus and the season was a lot busier than usual, now with five games left to go. Now the fight to reach higher in the playoffs is starting.


DAMWON Gaming and kt Rolster will meet at the wild card match on Saturday, fighting for the ticket to the 1st round of playoffs. As DAMWON Gaming was the last one to make the cut, facing kt Rolster who had an amazing second half would be tough. DAMWON as well had shown improvements with Ghost in the bot lane, so they would need to find a great move to make the possibility into reality.


The fight for the 1st place became interesting. Due to the “Kingslayer” Hanwha Life Esports’ mysterious performance, the three teams are tied. Just one loss would mean lower standings and it would be more difficult to reach the finals. It would be simpler for Gen.G since they can end up 1st by simply winning, but there are conditions for DragonX and T1. There are still chances of upsets and turnarounds as Gen.G and DragonX are facing the rising kt Rolster and APK Prince.


The last games of the regular season are starting now. Communities and social media are already hot. I hope you all have fun until the last game.

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