Jatt on his casting: "I want to make the game as enjoyable as possible in any way that I can."

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


In 2019, Josh "Jatt" Leesman left the Riot Games broadcast crew to join their dev team as a game balancer. But by the end of the Summer Split, he returned. "Interesting people help to make interesting casters," Jatt quoted from a cocaster, Jake "Spawn" Tiberi. Jatt explains how his experience on the dev team and his experience casting Academy have both helped him add a lot more to his casts.


"Most of my casting career, I have been very serious and technical... Coming back after not casting for 8 months, I think a little more joy came into it. I wanted to make sure I kept that heading into this year." Jatt breaks down his casting style and how he understands his role as a caster. He then goes in detail about how to understand and utilize stats, and how to work around stats that don't tell the full story.


Jatt has a lot of helpful info for those interested in casting, stats and analysis, or just Jatt himself. Watch the full, in-depth interview on our YouTube below. And please remember to like and subscribe, it helps more than you know. 






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