HLE Lehends sends a message to Griffin: "I'm coming for you, Viper. I’ll see you on the Rift very soon."

 Source: Official LCK Broadcast


On the 12th (KST), Hanwha Life Esports faced off against Gen.G in Round 2 of the 2020 LCK Spring. With a set score of 2-1, HLE pulls off the upset victory against the number one team in the standings and takes one step further away from the LCK Relegations Tournament.


The two POG of the series, CuVee and Lehends, joined the official LCK broadcast to talk about the match.


Congratulations on the victory. How do you feel?


CuVee: It feels incredibly good to take the victory. Our opponents are a very strong team, so although we were a bit nervous, it feels really good to win.


Lehends: It was a match that decided whether or not we played in the Relegations Tournament, but my teammates played really well.

It seems like HLE flipped on the ‘Kingslayer’ switch. Isn’t it all a bit too weird?


Lehends: It sucks because it seems like we’re strong against the strong teams, and weak against the weak teams.

Is there a secret behind it? Perhaps it’s in your DNA?


Lehends: I think it’s possible because of our very own reliable Top Laner, CuVee.


CuVee: Perhaps Lehends is right (laughter). I think that it’s perhaps because we have a lighter mindset against the lower tier teams.

CuVee, were you confident that you’ll carry tonight?


CuVee: Rather than feeling confident, I felt the necessity to carry tonight, because I thought that it’s the only way that we’ll win.

It seemed that your Champion pool was limited, but you played Kayle and even Gangplank. Are you in the middle of changing your playstyle?


CuVee: We were in a spot where we had to take care of the situations in front of us, rather than looking ahead for growth. I lost when I played Gnar and Kennen, so I wanted to play something different tonight.

As you did during the match vs APK, the team also died while getting Baron. What was the call made by the team?


Lehends: I think I made the wrong call (laughter).

HLE took many Dragons in Game 3. Was there calls made about Objectives?


CuVee: As a Top Laner, I thought that because our Mid-Bot Lane was doing well, we were able to take the Dragons.

How did Lava end up subbing in tonight?


Lehends: We decided to use Lava before the match, and despite being a while since playing in a match, I’m grateful that he performed well. Thanks, Lava!

Lehends, do you think Taric is an S tier pick in competitive play?


Lehends: I don’t really like playing Taric. He’s too immobile, and can’t hop over walls. However, there are a lot of teamfights happening around major objectives, and I felt that Taric’s a good pick in those situations, so that’s why I played him.

Griffin’s now confirmed to play in the Relegations tournament. Would you like to send a message to Griffin?


Lehends: I'm coming for you, Viper. I’ll see you on the Rift very soon.

Thanks to HLE, the top three teams in the standings now have the same win-loss record. Shouldn’t DRX and T1 be thanking you for this?


Lehends: Of course (laughter).

Lastly, any words you’d like to leave to your fans?


Lehends: Our next match is also very important. As it’s our last match of the regular season, I’ll make sure to perform well.


CuVee: Our last match is against Griffin, and for Lehends, I will try my hardest to win.

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