Riot Games developers provide in-depth progress report on Volibear rework

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


In Riot Games' most recent developer update, the League of Legends design team working on the Volibear rework and visual update shed some light on the various stages of the process in Volibear's rework. 


Volibear's rework process was revealed initially around the same time as Fiddlesticks, and now that Fiddlesticks' rework has been completed successfully, The Thunder's Roar looks to be next on the list.


Volibear's VGU was originally approached with an Eldritch-horror aesthetic in mind, and while that did achieve one of the aspects of the initial goal of the Volibear rework — to fully deliver on his promised theme of “lightning-fueled Freljordian demigod” — it strayed too far from the developers' original intent of the identity.


After consulting several Volibear mains, a different direction was decided, though the updated Volibear will have a new skin inspired by the Lovecraftian concept. 'Thousand Pierced' Volibear will immediately be granted to any player who owns Volibear, as well as anyone who unlocks the reworked Thunder's Roar during his launch patch. 


While the specific changes to Volibear's abilities have yet to be revealed, the developers' aim is to split the difference between the raw power of 'unstoppable thunder bear' and the majesty and respect commanded by a demigod. The full developer update on the official League of Legends website, which contains in-depth looks at visual effects updates on abilities, sound updates, and the re-design of classic Volibear skins also confirmed that this storm of a rework is fast approaching.

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