bbq Ghost: "I really needed to win today."


On the seventeenth day of 2017 LCK Spring Split, bbq Olivers defeated Afreeca Freecs with a 2-0 record and placed themselves on the fifth place.

The MVPs of the match were given to Jaehee "Crazy" Kim and Hyunwoong "Bless" Cho for picking Nautilus and Kha'Zix respectively and tearing through the enemy ranks. However, there was no denying that Yongjun "Ghost" Jang's performance have improved dramatically compared to the last match, so we wanted to hear more about how that happened.

So, here is our interview with Ghost.

Congratulations on winning today's match! How are you feeling right now?

Today's match was an important one for various reasons, and I'm glad that we managed to win. I'm also happy that this was our 'cleanest' victory this season.

You've improved dramatically compared to the last match. What feedback have you received?

We didn't do so well in scrims, so I thought hard over what we could do better. I think we won today because we've prepared really well starting from the draft to the late-game macro plays.

You've gone through a lot to get to where you are right now. Did you have anyone to lean on during your hard time?

There are two people that I always wanted to thank in an interview when I get a chance to do so: Head Coach Hyunjong Kang and Coach Jeseung Jung have been a great help for me, even until very recently well after I've moved on from CJ Entus.

Your match-up today was against Jonghoon "Kramer" Ha, your ex-CJ teammate. I'm guessing that you wouldn't have wanted to lose?

From our transport to all the way into our booth on the stadium, I kept telling everyone that I really needed to win today. I think I've said it within our booth as well whenever we were ahead.

Your Baron call was rather bold, but it paid off in the end. Who did the shotcalling at that time, and how?

It was Hyunwoong "Bless" Choi's call, and while he isn't like that usually, he wanted us to focus on downing Baron as soon as possible. It would be a lie to say that I wasn't worried, but we became more confident after we've won our first Smite fight.

Afreeca Freecs was the only team to have defeated SK Telecom T1, the same team that you've lost your last match against. Were you anxious over this fact?

That wasn't an issue at all. I just thought we had a good chance to win.

Your next match will be against ROX Tigers, led by none other than Head Coach Kang. Are you up for it?

I think we have a good chance of winning, so we will come well-prepared.

You've picked Ahri in Game 1. What was the reason behind it?

The enemy team had many squishy champions, so I thought Ahri was a good pick to exploit that.

Did you expect that Jonghoon "Kramer" Ha would pick Lucian in Game 1?

I've played against Kramer in the Solo Queue before today's match, and he picked Lucian in that game too. When I looked up his game history, it turned out that it wasn't the first time that he picked Lucian. So, I actually talked about the possibility of him picking Lucian today.

Do you think we'll see more Lucian in future?

Varus, Ashe and Jhin are definitely the best pick for ADCs. While other ADCs like Lucian might be picked over time, they are definitely a step down from those three. I don't think the rank will be changed without a balance patch. ADCs were having a hard time before Lethality changes, but now Jhin and Varus became a solid pick after the changes.

Crazy is on fire. Do you feel that he is playing much better lately?

Crazy's strength lies within his laning phase. He doesn't lose easily even with a 'losing' pick, and he will definitely win with a 'winning' pick. He is certainly a reliable toplaner.

Thank you for your time. Any parting words?

We just ran out of bbq Chicken vouchers, but we've received another batch of vouchers for three different menus. It was definitely not because we've won today, since we've got it before today's match. Also, I would like to thank all of our sponsors -- Maxtill, GGtics,, and Genesis bbq. Finally, I would like to thank my fans who cheered for me even when I was on the bench. I could focus better all thanks to them, and I hope they'd continue to cheer for me in future.

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