Riot Dash: "What we're doing right now is more important than before. We're providing community. "

▲ Image Source: Riot Games


James "Dash" Patterson spoke with us at Inven Global about all the new experiences running the Riot Games LCS broadcast remote. From tech issues, to adaptation, to embracing the "scuffyness" of casting at home. He is incredibly humbled by the work of all the Rioters behind the scenes, and is proud of how they're able to maintain a community and use their opportunity to grow it even further.


Dash also conveys the importance of esports amidst the crisis, seen in the clip below. Not only are we growing our audience to those who have lost their hobbies (or lost their irl sports games), but we are also helping provide entertainment and a sense of community to those stuck at home, and those experiencing this isolation alone. 




Watch the full interview below to hear more about which broadcast member adapted the best, who was the slowest, how they've had to flex their creative muscles, and more from Dash himself. Don't forget to like and subscribe for more Inven Global content, it truly helps us a ton.







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