Cypher Agent Rundown - How to play this VALORANT Sentinel


He's the John Snowden of the Wild Wild West - Cypher! With just a few days left until the launch of VALORANT's Closed Beta we've got another agent guide to help you decide who should be your first main. This time, we look at Cypher, a Sentinel built to gather information and scout out the enemy team. Cypher truly bolsters the team's efforts when defending their own territory, setting up tripwires and cameras to ensure nobody sneaks by unnoticed.


Conversely, he has a bit of a harder time on the offense, where he is the one on the move and the enemy team is a bit less nomadic. However, if his team manages to infiltrate a site and plant their spike, he can turn the tides and help defend the space they just took over. 


Overall, Cypher has some incredible tools to assist his team, and he's one of the agents you should look into trying out if you like a more supportive role. Even with poor gunplay, having easy vision ensures you can always assist your team, even if you have to let yourself get carried to win. Sometimes, that's all it takes to climb. 


Find a full video breaking down Cypher's abilities below.





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