VALORANT: game overview + gameplay


Riot games 5 versus 5 character based shooter is set to be on beta April 7th, 2020. During the Bootcamp presentation, developers showcased game mechanics, agents, maps  and emphasized the importance of competitive integrity. The game will feature Riot Direct, a new anti-cheat software that will ensure that players are rewarded by their true skills to the game.



Each VALORANT agent has unique abilities and will play a critical role in winning a round. The tactical advantages can be countered depending on each side’s pick and it is up to you to decide between smokescreens, intel, fireballs and more. If you want to know more about characters, we have prepared a full video guide for you, dropping soon. 


Maps have the role to ask players one simple question: which composition and strategies are necessary to dominate the area? In VALORANT, you will fight the enemy, not the map. The approach to map design is simple and has clear visuals, to avoid visual fatigue. Fun fact: bright pleasant colors will keep players from altering their mood states due to seeing “too much grey”.


When it comes to in-game mechanics, shooting matters. Hitboxes will be the same size in all characters, to avoid boundary advantages or disadvantages when it comes to picking your agent. Your shot accuracy will vary depending on your movement. If you are running, shots will be more difficult to land, and if you are crouching, your aim will be more focused.




As mentioned by Riot Games, “”tech is the most critical thing to getting this game right”. To ensure maximum performance, the game will have a tick of 128, while using “movement upsampling” to ensure players are still moving, even if lagged, and smoothing will run even in lower end machines. Worried about the CPU requirements? In Riot’s words, the game will run “even on a toaster”.


Ultimately, players that have game knowledge, movement control and sharp shooting will be at the top of the chain. 

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